The Honda CB200 has a weird tank ...

Honda CB200
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The angular design and the wide track over the tank of the Honda CB200 (1973-1977) made some people nervous. It was a different styling than they were used to. And in the past - mind you: 'in the past' - motorcyclists were quite a bunch of conservative fellow countrymen.

A heavy one is your true one

In the classic world it has been a long time ago that heavy, and preferably exotic, machines are the things that people have dreamed about and for which they pay heavily. The 'light brigade' is much less appreciated. And as a result, it has often remained pleasantly affordable in a market where the prices for masterpieces rise above each other's shoulders. But whether you really like a Laverda SF more than - for example - a Honda CB200 when you drive through the Maas valley from Utrecht to the Ardennes?

Rank like a ballet dancer

That angular design did emphasize the slenderness of the Honda CB200. In the days when 750 cc four-cylinders were already common - because motorcycling had become 'fun' after all - the Honda CB200 were industrious service bicycles or motorcycles that were used in what we would now call an 'urban' environment. There were also female motorcyclists. But get wildly enthusiastic about a 200 cc twin of about 17 horsepower? Nobody did that anymore at the time. Not even if it was a neatly executed Honda twin with overhead camshaft, indicators and a starter motor. An even more sad fate struck the almost identical CB 125 twins by the way. And that while they sang so fantastic when they were milked out.

The offer

Despite the fact that they are not sold wildly here, Honda CB200 's are regularly offered. It also stands out that they usually heeeel very lived through, or unexpectedly undamaged. The ignored specimens are ignored. Because despite the fact that the supply of parts for these brave little twins is unexpectedly good thanks to the efforts of companies such as, the prices of New Old Stock color and chrome parts are completely up-to-date. Funny: apparently Honda CB200 's are regularly' put away 'in the shed or garage. Understandable: Such a thing is small and the owner usually had / has no expectation that his property will yield a lot of money. That is why there are Honda CB200s that have been sleeping for years.

The current state of affairs

In the meantime, a neat CB200 will not be worth much less. In addition, such a small Honda is just nice to fiddle around in the neighborhood. We even know a Honda CB200 owner who drags his green gem at the back of the camper throughout Europe. And in France he is asked whether the CB is for sale. Not for the time being.

At the moment the asking price for beautiful, good and original (exhausts!) And moving cars is still structurally under two thousand euros. Long-term sleepers who need to be kissed awake and which require much-needed fresh bands currently have asking prices of around the 1.500 euro. Everything underneath falls under the name of 'what the fool gives for', but may still have a chance of a second life as a café racer.

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