The Honda CBR 1000F. What should we do with that?

Honda CBR 1000F
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When you talk about 'classic according to the law and insurers', you are talking about motor vehicles of 25 years and older. And that's a Honda CBR 1000F in the meantime, because its introduction was in 1987. But there is tension between the lines and the feeling. Because many classic enthusiasts remember that 'those things were new in the showrooms last year'.

Maybe a neo-classic?

It is clear: the looks of the Honda CBR 1000F are considerably different from those of a CB750 OHC or and Norton Command. The almost complete plastic casing left a classic enthusiast sighing just after the presentation: "It is just like a very large suppository with barbs." We think the CBR is not the pinnacle of beauty. But to serve him that way, we find that a bit intense. The flashers included in the cockpit are simply very tightly designed and the rear light that fits seamlessly in the butt was actually pretty nicely conceived.

In the meantime, the design of the Honda CBR 1000F is certainly nicely dated. Just like what was, or is, under that once highly modern rug.

The CBR 1000F was a heavy, fast touring motorcycle

A motorcycle on which the passenger also had a serious seat. The smoothly running four-cylinder just his impressive torque was in 11,9 seconds on the 180 km / h. And 135 pk is also quite a lot of power in 2018. And that heavy, we were allowed to take that literally. His empty weight alone was 235 kilos.

And the Honda CBR 1000F proved that the Japanese had also mastered making excellent steering and braking bicycle parts. The Honda brakes convincingly with two discs of Ø 300 mm at the front that were embraced for four-piston calipers. Behind it was a disk of 256 mm diameter. From 1993 the Hondas got a whole new 'Dual CBS' braking system that - just like with Guzzi - provided an interplay between the front and rear brake. That coupled braking system was then even seen as a better solution than an ABS. And the wind protection was also good. And because of the 21 liter tank, you only had to refuel every 250 kilometers. The dashboard was fitted with a fuel gauge. But not yet from a clock.

The seating position of driver and passenger were almost perfect in terms of protection and ergonomics, and the Honda had smart details such as folding hooks to secure the luggage.

The Honda CBR 1000F sold well

And they are not yet screaming wanted by investors. For less than € 2000 you can already find a very neat copy. Then you have a lot of (classic) motorcycle for your money. And if maintenance on such a machine has just been done, you don't have to worry about mileage between the 50.000-80.000.

The Honda CBR 1000Fs are very durable even for Japanese bicycles

It is useful to replace the distribution chain every 70.000 km. Despite the construction of the Honda (all that sheet metal and stuff), the machine does not like to be cleaned with the high pressure cleaner. Bearing damage quickly occurs because the grease is blown out of the bearings. Replacement sheet metal is expensive and the exhaust system has a tendency to rot if it does not warm up (due to short trips).

Gray import. In the States his name was Hurricane

For long, fast journeys. But these seem like a lot of suitcases


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  1. I still regret that I sold my CBR bj91 at the time. When sold 81000 km on the clock. Never had a single technical problem. 1km driven with duo especially. And also when traveling with luggage, 77000 km per day no problem. Miss him!! Now Varadero stayed with Honda.

  2. I had an 1995 model with DCBS for years. Indestructible block, distribution chain conductor rattles when the engine is cold, but rings when the block becomes slightly warmer. Unmanageable for some, but you have to be able to work with it to get him into the corner. I could do everything with it, wheelies, stoppies. Short and fast cornering was slightly less, but what a stable engine. Drove like on rails. Back then the fastest production engine in the world.

  3. The CBR1000F is not followed by the ST, but by the Blackbird. Had a Hurricane and was a wonderful motorcycle. No problem at all that it would be a heavy engine. Did a VRO circuit day with it myself.

  4. Indestructible bicycle. Mijne is a model year 1990 and I have had it since 1993. Like you said, just do maintenance, refuel gas and go. Powerful, sturdy, track-stable.

  5. For me, the unknown predecessor of the ST1100 (Pan European).
    Great touring bike, but a bit rude because of the high center of gravity.

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