The Honda ST1100. Classic? No: timeless

Honda ST1100

There are wars fought over what is or is not going to be classical. All nonsense. If a motorcycle is 25 + year, then it is classic by law. And for the rest? Nice and important ...

The Honda ST1100 Pan European

It doesn't matter whether the Honda ST1100 Pan European is a Recognized Classic. But 27 years ago, the four-cylinder made a big impression. And the funny thing is that these Honda V4s have become quite dated in the meantime, but that - provided they are in normal maintenance - they are still ready every day for the longest and most carefree rides you can imagine. And an ST1100 with a ton on the counter? You really don't have to leave it alone. The only control point at the magic barrel is the timing belt of the distribution. According to Honda, the replacement of that part is another 50.000 km further. In fact, the only problem with the STs was that there were copies of which the carburetors 'frozen' under certain conditions. Honda made a modification kit for that in which the plastic gas slides were replaced by aluminum ones. Oh yes: the (optional) top case was not completely waterproof and the keys for the trunk locks were very small.

Long, comfortable journeys

The ST1100 Pan European was born as a fast touring bike. And with 1100 cc under the tank, you should not use it for daily shopping either. That does not do the block any pleasure, the oil never comes up to temperature, an oil-water emulsion is created, the famous 'mayonnaise'. Just like a hunting dog, a Honda ST deserves regular, long excursions. In addition, the Honda is largely trouble-free, and that's a good thing too. Because in 1991, the days when motorcycles were structurally key friendly were long gone. The technology had become complicated, electronics had found its way onto two wheels and the newest generation of motorcycle buyers was no longer upset that on the road, on the roadside, an engine block overhaul could be carried out with improvised tools.

Beyond poverty

Because let's face it: All that key skill of the really old motorcyclists? After all, that was just a weakness in relation to the quality of the Real Classics and the financial possibilities of the owner who dreamed about his first car while tinkering with his motorcycle. Such an ST1100 just kept trotting during normal maintenance. And if there was anything crazy about it, then it was the change in driving behavior when using (the not allowed by Honda) radial tires. It took a while to find the right tire pressure. In fast cornering combinations, the thick Honda seemed to be a hundred kilos lighter with it. It just made it a little less stable. Well: "Any advantage ..." Another disadvantage with this modification: The Michelins were found to be lower than the prescribed tires. As a result, the side stand and the centerstand had suddenly become 'too long'.

Now great value for little money

In 1991, the Honda ST was an expensive motorcycle. It cost around 25.000 guilders. You currently pay for a neat ST1100 Pan Europan with one and a half tons on the clock around € 1.250-1.600. Really expensive copies are offered for amounts up to around € 3.500. And you can make demands on that!

A 'Mad Max' ST with a turbo. It was on Marktplaats a while ago

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