The Horror Summer of 2019

Horror summer
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In fact, it is too hot to drive a motorcycle. But oh well? When it is hot, dress up there. Nowadays motorcycle clothing is quite a thing these days. Sincerely Voorzichtigen en masse share photos of motorcyclists who have fallen into a summer outfit. Including admonishing words or harsh criticism. The Dutch raised index finger is not sensitive to tropical temperatures.

Asphalt eczema

If you are going to do soil research in your shorts and in a T-shirt? Then you get asphalt eczema. A condition that is even more annoying is the itchiness caused by the stinging hairs of the oak processionary caterpillar that is going into history this summer as the "Horror Summer of 2019." Falling unprotected appears to be awkward. Because skin is a kind of leather that did not finish his studies and the tattoos that are nowadays everywhere everywhere apparently do not stop much sliding damage either.

Personally, I am rather loosely apprenticed

For more than forty years. And in that time I also went off a few times. Fortunately, that happened at a summery pace. But the feeling that you have the next day is submodal positive. You suddenly understand how a potato feels after a confrontation with a peeler. But usually the healing goes well and you only have a few spots on your body where no hair grows anymore. And that is only practical with the heat.

Still, I continue to bump into this irresponsibly this summer.

Until it turns out that I have to put on my leather pants again because the heat of the block deprives my calves. Everyone is happy about the fact that 'motorcycling is fantastic. The freedom. The wind around your body '. I don't want to get that feeling if I am dressed in responsible temperatures at temperatures above 30 degrees. Certainly not after one time a hyper correct BMW driver helped me leaning forward on a picnic table. I first gambled on a disrupted sugar patient.

But after a serious drive, the man turned out to be simply felled by a massive 'Hitzestau' and dehydration. He was simmering in his outfit. And apparently his fluo jacket didn't help much either. I took him into the men's room after my diagnosis and let cold water run down his wrists. That was, by the way, the first time that I went into the men's restroom embracing a man. I then invested two bottles of AA liquor in him. Soon it went much better with him. But The Great Anxiety Thinking had apparently grooved deep into his hard disk. It was impossible for him to get on the motorcycle in his jeans and shirt. And everyone who says, "I wouldn't do that either" is not wise but masochistic. And should have taken public transportation.

It is true that I drive very carefully in this weather

And 'anticipation' is the magic word. Plus a hefty dose of paranoia, which means that I assume that all other road users are M / V double-minded, who are all looking to kill me. Once a fellow motorcyclist said to me: “A motorcycle accident is always your own fault. Even if it's not your fault ”. On the way, I am as attentive as a mouse that comes out of the house in a house full of cats to go and explore the world. And that has been going well for years. And almost all those summery miles I was able to fully enjoy ... Summer.

It is all on your own responsibility

But it makes life more pleasant. And what if I had been riding all those hot summers in my motorcycle outfit? Then I had already given it motorcycling for a long time. You can also have fun with a convertible. Oh yes: a long-sleeved shirt prevents sunburn. And there are summer gloves without fingers and thumbs. Because with two bandaged Mickey Mouse hands it is difficult to grab a beer. Security is an illusion. But for tonight: cheers!

What is really dangerous?

That is dressing you up like a calico cat and then climbing over the fence of a pitbull kennel.

Horror summer

Horror summer

Horror summer

Horror summer


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  1. Frits now more than 50 years ago I went down on a road where a new split had been spread the day before. On the way to a lake to enjoy the good weather, only dressed in shorts, t-shirt and sandals. In the hospital they spent the rest of the afternoon picking stones from the strangest places. And yet I still enjoy it when I ride my motorcycle. Usually well dressed but still sometimes not. That feels a bit bald but if the weather is really nice I can't help it anyway.

      • Time pressure… the excuse of all printed matter to be allowed to make typos. Then make realistic deadlines. No one says you should make your articles for free let alone post one every day.
        And yes I have a subscription and yes I am annoyed with typos (although it is much better for the last amk's).
        Protective clothing is already mandatory in Belgium.

  2. As long as you drive, it will be fine if you have to stop somewhere. Then the heat from your engine added to the outside temperature is enough to stand wide-legged in front of the traffic light. Luckily I have a model jacket nowadays where everything can be zipped on and off. That is now a relief. And it will be a bit later than I zip up some parts to make it look more like a real motorcycle jacket. But even with this jacket it sometimes stays very hot. But when you stand still you get nowhere. So we keep on driving and I drink something more often.

  3. You certainly have a helmet on? That is therefore unnecessary. Brains are not present!
    Very stupid story. Tough doing business.
    As a result, we will soon have to deal with safe clothing duties.
    There are blow-through jackets and trousers to combat your heat phobia.
    A pity this. I always enjoyed reading your bits… ..

  4. Do you mind if everyone determines that for themselves ...?
    If a look at asphaltx chamois convinces others to put on protective clothing… fine… but who says that the asphalt sham sufferer does that after healing?
    I know enough people who went down with a spiker box (jeans or jeans for non-Eastern people), and still drive like that.
    'Live and let live'..

    • Hello Frits. You say it correctly, "maybe" And that is worth considering.
      It is not politically correct. But I also do it 'fold'. And that has gone wrong a few times in 40+ years. But usually I enjoyed the wind around my body without any damage. Because usually I stay fairly upright. The 'what if' approach is one that I usually try to avoid. That also prevents dreams such as' What kind of life would I have had if I had been a beautiful girl? '. And nightmares about 'What would have happened if I hadn't been able to avoid that oncoming car'. But always being super attentive in traffic and constantly 'reading' the road and the surroundings is, I think, reasonable insurance against accident and inconvenience. But never take an inadequately dressed passenger with you. Because that is also your responsibility. And preferably not literally.

  5. Once you have made a good slider without protective clothing (and have used your own health insurance contribution ten times), then you may learn that you are dressed properly. Is it too hot? Don't drive or make sure you drink enough.
    If you have seen serious fall-fat homes up close (not a skinning line or something) then you will beep differently!

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