The Jaguar XJ. The End of the Show

Jaguar XJ
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We live in a world where technologists, innovators, clinicians and left-wing politicians want to move us more and more towards alternative forms of drive. Yet there is still plenty of room for love for what once was. Maybe more than ever. In Great Britain they want to go back to old values. Away from Europe. On the other hand, there is the parting of something that is inseparable the other side of the North Sea was connected. Because, according to insiders, Jaguar announced the end of a flagship, a standard bearer of what was once the proud British automobile industry. Stupid, numb, the description of my feeling that there is no room whatsoever for any rational, financial contemplation. The Jaguar XJ, the end of a historical era, is irreversible.

The plug goes out, and that plug goes into the successor of the car. Maybe, just maybe it's called Jaguar XJ after all, but that hope now seems in vain. And then again: everything will be different. Unlike the noble carriage, which in eight generations for fifty-one years has been known as noble for dandy, as design beauty, if you want to be beautiful, you must suffer a little pain, as ... a chic alternative to the mighty convention. But now the type name seems to disappear. This, this cannot be true, even though the current Jaguar X351 generation carried a style change that alienated the Jaguar XJ somewhat from the lines that had been current since 1968. And were a source of inspiration. Everything is different, the EV cats are for the new Jaguar drivers, the innovators, who like everything new better. Believe in electric fairytales. See the disappointing I-Pace. For those who lead the way. Boasting a historic logo as a bearer of self-appointed status.

XJ with Lexus genes. It could have been

In the current times, they are quite logical developments, which nevertheless show a lack of courage. Had once consulted with Toyota in this case Lexus. How do you build a new top XJ, and not just as an EV.? The answer: also in combination with fuel engines. And with hybrid technology. No problem, that is the world as well, but within which an own historical identity can be retained. Because a Jaguar XJ, damn it, that belonged to or belonged to Jaguar. This is part of the cuddiness of the gloss that has been at the heart of the range for more than 50 years.

Polished beauty with its own ways

The classically polished heart that brought us fragile 2.8 types, that brought us the beautiful carriages in which those legendary and sometimes worrying six and twelve cylinders were placed. It brought us the XJ-C, and that in the most troubled era of the British auto industry. And what about the wonderful third series, with the roof line retouched by Pininfarina. The reliability breakthrough, how about that? Introduced by Ford, the fourth generation got better, thanks to Ford's pragmatic and down-to-earth working method he became the pioneer of the rock-solid generation five.

The best I ever rode

What about the X300 and the extended versions thereof? With the 4,0 liter in particular as a source of power where you could drop a bomb without shrinking. With that oh, so sophisticated styling. The 4.0 liter, which is in the finest car I could ever drive, the X330, a Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 LWB. Peter van Wijk's car, which glorified in AMK. Exactly. That. But also: the almighty XJ-R, eating that unabashed piece in a naughty, decent jacket. The concept was also suitable for this. The eight-cylinder generation, the X308, held onto the less reliable technology (timing chains!) After everything that the X300 also had. The X350, which brought a worthy farewell to the classic lines of the XJ, followed by the last of the Mohicans, the X351.

Beautifully born in a turbulent era

All in all, this was the model series that released the tongues. When the XJ was born, the world was in turmoil. New generation, new standards, lots of demonstration. But no one, not even the biggest car-hater, could protest against this delicately drawn symbol of prosperity and sportiness. Despite 1 on 6. Because the world was given something unbelievably beautiful. Signed by Sir William Lyons himself, the founder. The XJ. Always surrounded by that piece of tragedy that was eventually polished away by major manufacturers, that's how it is. But that is precisely where the power lies. The owner, who always accepted any defects. Because beauty and pure love ultimately overcomes everything, and patience translates into golden credit. Certainly if the technology keeps getting better, without losing its honesty.

Deliver in ink black shade color

Now there will be a Superlimo, it is said. Fully electric. Now there is an era when the all-powerful Jaguar XJ is being replaced by Jaguars' new flagship. Hybrid was therefore not considered, as stated. Because then there is the combination with fuel. And fuel is liquid, a lifeline for enthusiasts, for petrol heads. That category never enters the new EV from Jaguar, regardless of model name. The new EV represents the abstract gray of the new age, and should only be supplied in ink black. Because black is the color of the shadow that the legendary XJ will cast over its successor forever. The memory of eight classical and neo-classical generations with brutal, fine or worrying engines remains, and that is the only plus point for the disappearance of the fuel XJ, whose mythical proportions will only get bigger. Larger than, for example, those of any electric Jaguar. But no matter how beautiful the history is: The End of the Show cannot be prevented. That is certain. Even if the new electric flagship will be called XJ.


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  1. In any case have the modification done on the X308 V8 last week at Coventry in Uden. Despite the story that, when the upper tensioners are done, things are not going that fast, I was with his 22 year exactly on time, lower tensioners on cracks, conductors on breaking, pieces in the crankcase. otherwise a fantastic engine.

  2. There is no class, we are tired of life (thanks to Raymond v / h Groenewoud).
    It is certainly true that another beautiful car is going to disappear, a beautiful car like that at Mercedes and BMW and other brands have disappeared.
    Of course, the XJ recently had a reliability factor that was higher than types from earlier series, but I don't know if Ford that replaced the 6 and 12 cylinder with an 8 did well. Chain tensioners for distribution cast in plastic can never go well, often that didn't work either, it costs a lot of money, just as the modification costs a lot of money but at least a lot less than a broken engine.

  3. The Jaguar XJ has an elegant appearance. In series 1-2-3. The later series 3 in particular are still cars that attract a lot of attention today. The driving pleasure is indisputably fantastic and comfortable. An enthusiast who loves history and beauty will cherish his Jaguar and experience a lot of driving pleasure!

  4. What is it all about? The elegant lines of the car? Nobody is against that. Not even Jaguar, because it takes the initiative to build electric motors to keep their E-type on the road. It would be better to encourage consumers in the EU to adapt their quadricycles to stricter emissions standards. You cannot ignore the fact that motorized traffic has a large share in this and that something must change, unless you get wet dreams of workers who drove their wages at the end of the week, dog carts and high infant mortality.

    • Air traffic, shipping and industry are the major polluters. But then again, as a car enthusiast you can be sad about the disappearance of an icon. I hoped the environmental discussion wasn't going to be celebrated here.

  5. Totally agree, it is a shame that the XJ disappears completely. The later X versions were also clearly distinguishable from all the boring view on the street. The most beautiful and amazing car ever made! I have two (both XJ6) a Series 2 1976 (carburetor) and a Series 3 1984 (injection). They both do great driving and when I'm not driving it I put them outside to enjoy the beautiful lines of these Jaguars.

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