The Kawasaki GPZ 305: less status, more fun

Kawasaki GPZ 305
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A lighter motorcycle from the years 80 and 90 does not have to be an obstacle to taking a piece of highway. But highways are stupid things to drive. With a motorcycle, like the 36 pk strong Kawasaki GPz 305, you now drive a pretty rare, not too old 'classic' that you can really enjoy. And what is an absolute advantage: this Kawa two-pitter looks very real. Because for his 'looks', the people at Kawasaki were inspired by the lines of the heavier sporting Kawas of that time.

The Kawasaki GPZ 305 drives smoothly

From a technical point of view, the Kawasaki GPZ 305 is a pleasant, fun machine. The 306 (!) Cc twin picks up smoothly from low revs. But to get a good shot, the rev counter needle must be between the 7.500 / 10.000. And at full trot, such a Kawasaki GPZ 305 is really still 140 + kilometers per hour fast. For that, by the way, you have to stay in fifth gear. The sixth gear has an overdrive character and that ensures that this two-cylinder fuel economy is very efficient when dancing on secondary roads. If you keep it at such an 100 kilometer per hour, then the Kawa easily runs 1 on 30. The steering character of the small Kawasaki GPZ 305 is light and lively so that the machine feels best on the roads. And there you can regularly be clearly heavier and stronger motorcycle colleagues too quickly. On the highways, by the way, that character makes him a bit too restless.

Quite a good block

The Kawablok has proven itself over the years as a loyal companion. This can still be the case if the previous life has been treated properly, if sufficient maintenance has been carried out. Watch out for chattering noises from the cylinders. Replacing the pistons and drilling the cylinders quickly costs about the same as the entire engine is worth. And remember that if the Kawa is not treated properly, a pair of pistons may just be worn out at 20.000 kilometers. Some rattling of the camshaft chain does not have to be a disaster, but with such an 30D km the spring has to be replaced. The pump gear of the oil pump is made of nylon and can break if the block is heavily loaded while the oil is still cold. The bulkheads in the dampers are often released. The jiffy position switch is oversensitive to moisture.

Starting with 1984, the Kawasaki GPZ received the 305 timing belt drive. It asked for and requires hardly any maintenance and often had a lifetime of more than 40.000 km. The toothed belt can beep after a long drive in the rain. Spraying with a high-pressure sprayer usually helps. Giving the baby butt treatment with talcum powder does that in any case.

Oh yes: If you find such a Kawasaki GPZ 305, then for a neat, original copy you have to think about amounts around the 600-700 euro. A topper will not cost much more than 1.000 euros. And go for the top. Because finding parts is difficult and pricey.

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But soon they will be even rarer than now!

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