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After riding 'fat' old Guzzi's for about 25 years, I thought it would be a good idea to downgrade a bit. Not as far as the brand is concerned. The least swanky motorcycle brand from Italy simply has a warm place in my heart. And at one time, 50 hp out of 650 cc was a dream value for a seriously heavy motorcycle. I submitted the story about those little Guzzi's to the editors a while ago. But because the aim is to achieve a balanced leaf filling, this has not yet been placed. Those little Guzzis are good motorcycles. But they have a set of typical Italian, nonsensical character traits and qualities from the factory. You can live with that. Or you can do something about it.

So the story about the little Guzzi's hasn't been posted yet. In the meantime, however, quite a bit of practical experience has already been gained. About four thousand miles. And just as in the meantime, a few addresses have been found where you can go as a proud or desperate owner of such a thing. In the meantime, the asking prices for the V35 to the V65 have also increased. With the understanding that the enthusiasm to ride a 350 cc V-twin is lagging behind. In connection with Guzzi's budget-related kit system, you can of course always spoon a 500 or 650 cc block into such a V35. Easy enough.

The Guzzi as it is in the pictures has already grown a bit further than the pictures accompanying the story that is coming. The large Krauser cases (which are currently not worth a drop) make the V65 C grocery proof. The Made in China starter motor of 59 euros (starting and charging, Nijmegen) is much kinder to the battery than the Amperes-guzzling Lucas ditto. An irregularly occurring malfunction turned out to be… electrical. Of course you immediately expect that with an Italian bicycle. But all signs pointed to carburetion problems. Only when friend Jan Keijzer came along with his – of course – self-developed spark tester, the problem was solved in the blink of an eye. The ignition coil, which always worked during dry tests, suffered from cardiac arrhythmias. The rest of the typical Italian nonsense of the little Guzzi's can be solved. And you will read that later in the story Auto Motor Klassiek.

In the meantime, the Guzzi appears to work as I have been used to from its big brothers for the past 25 years. The air support of the front fork hardly works. There is now thicker oil in the front fork. Behind are Hagons who do their job well. The battle over loud pipes save lives has been scientifically refuted. But with real ones - never buy imitations! – K&N filters snort the V-twin convincingly for the rider without hindering the rest of the world.

In the article you will soon find the hair-raising Italian vision of rear tires, jiffy stands and air filters. Do yourself and us a favor: take out a subscription op Auto Motor Klassiek. Because these online stories are free. And in the end we can't pay for the messages. Thanks in advance!


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  1. Bought an ex-army Guzzi years ago, looked fine and when purchased, it started and ran.
    Shortly after the purchase it was indeed a pain to get the sparks at the right time to the right cylinder and preferably also to both cylinders.
    Masses of wires, coils towing services followed, ditto of the number of wise words, this is the last, now the Guzzi has to keep running, yes 5 km and then again a cylinder that stopped working.
    De Guzzi has disappeared to a student, who has completed his studies years later than planned as a result of Guzzi's purchase.
    The Guzzi gave way to a Honda n Red Rebel has been standing still for years in the shed tires are still hard petrol from the last decade, battery ditto, once a year I see the neighbor, just yes then I start the Rebel after a few turn around, OleOle it runs
    Greetings Hans

  2. 15 years ago bought a v65 Policia in very good condition for 800,- . I thought I actually stole it for that money. However, it was found to be a bit too light and so it went up for sale again. Still had to wait a long time to be able to play quite. Very underrated brand

    • Tjsa. There are quite a few horror stories about Italian, British, American and Russian that caused and deliver damage to reputation. In practice – and with a bit of perspective – everything is not that bad. Funny: after 25 years of fat Guzzies I just switched to a 650. We could have exchanged nicely!

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