The Nose of the Pike: Citroën DS

Citroën DS
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If our salesman Marc happily tells me that we can auction a great 45 year old 7 station wagon then it can be German, French, Swedish or American, but at least something nice. A few days later I am standing in a neighborhood in Amstelveen where a garage door slowly reveals a pointed nose with a split license plate and four round headlights, I know for sure: this is going to be an hour to feast on. Only the roof rack now reveals that this is a special station version and I cannot wait to see the car outside in the daylight. Once outside, it will turn out that I am not the only curious person.

Nose of the Pike

This is one Citroën DS 20 Break, delivered on 30 June 1972 in France. Now a Dutch DS is also a rarity with only 9000 supplied copies. At the time, the Dutch chose 24000 for a cheaper one Citroën ID. Connoisseurs now also see that something is not completely Period Correct. The "nose of the pike" is one of an earlier type. With that nose the DS was delivered to 1967. The owner of this Citroen has had the car professionally converted. Although not entirely original, the car looks great. When the DS is low in the rest position in the forest with the doors and the luggage compartment open, it becomes apparent how much this car stands out. Curious hikers nod approvingly toward the car and other smiles confirming. This DS is executed in a beautiful dark blue color, a light gray roof and a red leather interior.


The DS, signed by Italian Flaminio Bertoni, is different on many points from others. The Break Familiale is completely equipped for the transport of family and luggage. The tailgate to be opened in parts Citroen has two number plates on the lower flap. When you want to drive with that valve up and down, the second license plate becomes visible on which even the license plate light is designed. The floor can be opened in that luggage compartment, so that two folding seats appear and thus provide space for numbers 6 and 7 of the family. As the roof rack suggests, the roof is completely equipped for carrying heavy suitcases. The roof the Break is therefore made of steel instead of fiberglass as with the sedan. A funny detail that is particularly noticeable when you drive behind a DS is that the car has a much narrower track width at the rear than at the front. The rear wheels even have a narrower size than the front wheels.


The current owner has owned this Pike in the last 13 year and has since thoroughly maintained and improved the car. Enthusiasts like this brand even came up with their own name: "Citrofile". Not surprising when you consider that you can become addicted to floating like a skydiver. And beyond that, the DS was once appreciated by well-known designers as the most beautifully designed car ever. About 10 days we know how this beauty is appreciated by bidders. Become the Citroen adopted by a Citrofile or is the world a Citrofile richer from then on?


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    • I dare to doubt that of the 'original Dutchman': the 'DE' series is for import, and according to the RDW, this' 72er was first put on a Dutch license plate in November 1989….

      • Hi Pascal,

        The car was thus delivered new in France. Few DS's and Dutch were also delivered.

        Nice that you also have an ID! Special and beautiful cars.

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