The problems of the last year: Ural

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That sounds more serious than it is on 01-01. We are not talking about 2018, but about any arbitrary last year of production of - mainly - cars. The last year of production often does not produce the most mature, the most reliable models. Often the production line, for example the press molds, is about the end of their life.

Last best? I do not think so!

And that, together with a personal disinterest in mass production ... Then we talk about 'the past', no idea if a modern production robot cannot have its day.

In the past, bad fits were often compensated by the use of kit for the use of worn molds. We once had the opportunity to compare a classic from its last year with a copy from the heyday of the model. In advertising jargon we would say: "The differences were significant."

What practical problems of the past year? I had that with my 'new' Ural combination. And let that be one from the last running model year of the 650 series. It is my third Ural in 25 year. And the previous two proved that the bad reputation of those things was not necessarily justified.

I rode 140 D kilometers on one of the two previous Urals. And apart from normal maintenance - twice the block replaced, a few gearboxes, some carburetors and so on - I never had to do anything about it. And you do replacement at such a former communist simply because it is cheaper and faster than revision.

The year end

But my current Ural? He continues to demand attention. He still deserves some TLC. A few things after the penultimate problems were that the gas tap did not close. And that the floats did not close. Just before New Year's Eve, I quickly have a couple - new ones! - carburetors mounted.

Perhaps I should have thought of the cheering advertising cry 'The Price is The Proof'. Because tell yourself which BMW, Guzzi, Honda or Harley pilot scores four new carburetors for fifty euros? The new fuel tap shines like a mirror. And with oral testing, he did fine.

The good intention

The idea was to have the Ural running perfectly on 1 January. That's why I just got three liters of gasoline yesterday. I threw it in the tank. Then I went into the kitchen to make the New Year's Eve meal. And that was a success.

"Kick and go!

This morning, after walking the dog, I wanted to start the Ural as part of the New Year celebration. Fortunately I didn't have a cigar in my head, because when I approached the garage I was overwhelmed by the filthy smell of modern gas.

I had thrown three liters of gas into the tank yesterday. It was now on the garage floor. I immediately squeezed the gasoline hoses to save the possibly last half liter. I opened the garage doors opposite each other.

I did something crazy: I turned on the contact and kicked the Russian. It started immediately and ran until the float tanks were empty.

2019 So will be a top year. And the problems with the wiring? Those are not problems. That is a challenge!



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