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May not ... V8 in Beetle

AMi with GS blockFollowing the fact that the RDW is according to the messages that reach us at the moment very on the dots and commas and the story of a desolate Burton owner who saw his beautiful home construction degraded because of an upside-down pinned motor nameplate we report again where The service has to report about restorations and the like:

Restorations, repairs and changes to vehicles can be so radical that 'new vehicles' are created. The RDW must then technically examine these vehicles and establish their identity. This may have consequences for the issue of a registration certificate. In this article you can read the information about restoring / repairing your vehicle and what you need to do, so that you can get a valid license plate with your vehicle after the work.

Vehicle identity
Every complete vehicle has its own identity, recorded in the vehicle identification number (VIN). Another name for the VIN is chassis number or frame number. The parts of that vehicle form part of this identity. If you remove parts and add parts from another vehicle, this may have consequences for the identity of the vehicle. As a result, it may happen that the vehicle receives a new VIN and license plate after approval.

May not ... V8 in BeetleEngine change
If you make one of the changes below to the engine of a vehicle with a Dutch license plate, the RDW must approve the vehicle individually.
It concerns the change of:
• the engine code or engine type;
• the number of cylinders;
• the engine capacity;
• the fuel type, such as from gasoline to diesel or the change to electric drive;
• the power of an engine, three-wheeled motor vehicle and moped;
• the capacity of other vehicles, if this deviates more than 20% from the original value as registered in the vehicle registration register.

T Ford Hot RodHistorical vehicle
When restoring a historic vehicle (old-timer), the originality of the restored vehicle is paramount. If one of the main parts can no longer be repaired and you use main parts from similar vehicles, it is possible to retain the original identity (and registration number) of your vehicle. The condition is, however, that the compound vehicle consists of at least:
• the old chassis frame or frame, the old semi-bearing base plate or the old self-supporting body or;
• a new replacement frame, chassis frame, semi-load-bearing base plate or bodywork manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer, or a copy manufactured by third parties according to the original factory specifications, if an original copy is no longer made and is no longer available and;
• a powertrain consisting of the engine, gearbox and axles of the same model and type as the original vehicle and;
• a body of the same model and type as the original vehicle on vehicles with a self-supporting chassis or semi-bearing base plate.

According to the 30% rule (chassis / block / body), for example, a buggy or Burton or Ugly Duck should not be inspected if only the body or chassis has been replaced. Because then 2/3 is original. But in practice, the matter has now also gone wrong a few times when the duty inspector concludes that the engine has been replaced by an identical or overhauled one that has been marked as such by the overhaul company.

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