Jan Wolters' Rolls-Royce Hall of Fame

Jan Wolters' Rolls-Royce Hall of Fame
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Jan Wolters' Rolls-Royce Hall of Fame

The Rolls-Royce hobby is addictive because it is so much fun. Jan and his hobby friend discovered special Rolls-Royces in England. It was not just looking and admiring, but they were bought and taken. 

By: Dirk de Jong

If you have passion for something then you just have to give in and talk to other enthusiasts about it. He heard stories from the 20s that the Rolls-Royce was only intended for the nobility. Upon purchase, the new owner had to employ a driver. In fact, Rolls-Royce had its own driving school, because the driver could not be expected to manage the Rolls. Only when he received the RR pin after 3 months was he able to drive the Rolls-Royce expertly. 

And do you remember the noise about the painting of the Rolls-Royce by John Lennon? It was believed that the regal character of the Rolls had been compromised and that "color experts" warned of a road hazard. 

Jan Wolters' 40-year-old cars are simply chic and they make him feel positively intense. (Behind the two Silver Shadows there are two more Rolls-Royces that are not visible in the picture. The white wonderful 'automobile' is not a Rolls-Royce, but a Zimmer.) Jan thinks that 'passion' is contagious and wants it gladly transfer enthusiasm in the future to visitors to his small Rolls-Royce Museum. 

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