The same parts for a lower price

We usually do not have unlimited budgets for our passion. Fortunately, there is a lot to do without the wallet getting sunken cheeks. Those cheap (er) solutions don't even have to detract from the result.

A pair of weathered exhaust corners

And so we come to the exhaust curves of one of our daily classics. The mid-eighties Guzzi V65C is in very good condition. But the pitted, black / rusty exhaust curves mar it. Globally, TLM from Nijmegen is the ideal supplier of used Moto Guzzi parts. Used exhaust bends cost something like € 100 each. We think that's just a bit too much.

Sometimes the cheap alternative is disappointing

In the past, acceptable results have been achieved with 'Farmer's Chrome', silver paint. But that holds less on exhaust curves. Fortunately, there is VHT - very high tempeature - aerosol paint. You should think of about € 20 per aerosol. And then you come to the mind-boggling Action. There are the heat-resistant aerosol cans in cheerful black and sparkling 'silver' for just € 2,20. That's worth the gamble to him.

Heat resistant, but not waterproof

The exhaust bends were sanded and put in the heat-resistant jacket. The result was entirely satisfactory. Until horror summer began. Rain fell. And don't let the heat-resistant Action paint be waterproof. The corners still looked better than before the paint job. But it seemed like they had a scary skin disease. A learning moment: All commodities are for money as my late grandmother said. Would you rather look for a bunch of neater exhaust bends or learn to live with them? But hey: how perfect must a daily used classic of 35 years old be.

But there must be more options

On the other hand, it is and remains the case that with a little attention you can save a lot of money without compromising on quality. For example, MZ has used Brembos for a year or so. After that year, there was no more Brembo on the brakes because MZ was going to (re) make them themselves. We are talking about the same Brembos that were used on the little Guzzis, among others. And the difference in price between original Brembo brake pads and 'original' MZ brake pads is impressive.

What fits on what?

From this perspective, we are curious about the experiences from the field. Because there are certainly - or for our Flemish readers 'for sure' - many more things that are cheap alternatives or interchangeable. In America the 'Dutch guides off interchangable parts' have been written about that.

We may be able to collect and share such smarts in all our limitations. We are thinking in particular of parts of suppliers. For example, Lucas apparently made parts for Austin and Rolls-Royce. Only the prices differed. Ferrari and Fiat apparently also shared parts. The rear lights on a Jaguar XJ 220 are identical to those on a Rover 200. And the rear view mirrors are the same as those on the Citroën Second generation CX. The headlights of a Ferrari F40 are simply from Volvo. Starters, mirrors, windshield wipers and dashboard buttons often come from only one source.

We are curious about the online reactions. Thanks in advance.




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Heat resistant, but not waterproof
Simply: Volvo headlights
The same mirrors as the Jaguar XJ220.


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  1. The Noble M12 probably has the fastest Mondeo tail lights in the world. . . .
    And the rear lights of a Ford Escort (mk4) convertible are the same as those of the station, just not in price. . . .

  2. Headlights of the Volvo P1800 are the same as those of the old mini, also the pots in which the headlights are placed are from the old mini, I think it was lucas and headlights are also available from Hella..Saturn also made them.

  3. Dear Dolf, I once “collected” a moped like this one, BMW boxer, with those speckled exhausts. For the same "financial" reasons as you, I wrapped this one, for one-tenth the price of new bends. Additional advantages: nice looks, cooling and easy to install!
    Definitely and thank you for all your good tips, input and experiences! A loyal reader of your magazine and newsletters! Belgian greeting,
    Jos Van den Borre.

  4. The combined city indicators under the front bumper of the FIAT X1 / 9 were also used in the tractors of this brand in the 80 series

  5. Yep, you are right. Tonight I cleaned the GL1100 a bit with warm water, a bit of all-purpose cleaner and a microfibre cloth (genius stuff by the way to get many flies off the 'glass' facade). And idd proved that the fresh silver Action vht spray paint can be polished off. A chimney pipe that I painted in charming black paint has not yet been rinsed clean by the exuberant rain. Two differences are the exhaust is stainless steel, the chimney steel and maybe I sprayed silver too thick (2 layers) against the black in about 5 layers. Little agglomeration from spray paints. The silver covered very evenly the second time.
    Oh yes, if you use tighraps / straps, do not use the white / colorless version, they cannot withstand UV light.

  6. It can often also have a negative effect. I have an Innocenti Spyder, an Italian Austin Healey Sprite, but with Italian electrical engineering. Marreli's simple fuse box was also used in a Ferrari! So you understand that the price of such a box goes sky high in markets such as Padua. Other parts such as a bonnet lock, lancia flaminia, are also barely affordable. So be careful with the original parts!

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