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That the churches are emptying and that politicians cannot be trusted? I can live with that. But the tension whether the motorcycle market in Hardenberg will continue on March 27? That eats at me. I do things that are billable for a few grants. I missed that income last year. But 'Hardenberg' has never been a revenue model.

You go to Hardenberg for the burgers and fries

RECOVERY: for an unlikely supply of things that you do not have to click on or pay by Ideal, but that you can pick up and after reasonable consultation can adopt and take with you. That is also much more environmentally friendly than having everything delivered to your home by container and van.

Hardenberg is the only motorcycle fair where it is better to go by car than by motorcycle. The parking lot is always full of the best motorcycles. But you can store more purchases in a car. And whether you have a wish list or are on spec: we have never been able to buy so little that we could go on the bike.

Hardenberg has changed over time. Last time, for example, there were quite a few suppliers of (the same) cheap Chinese tools. And the range of used Zündapp moped parts was overwhelming. That must be your thing.

The real hunters are already at the door before opening time

And from those people we have heard stories about dream discoveries. But for us, as recreational seekers, the fair is always a very nice day out. The great thing is that Hardenberg is too far away for many Westerners. And if we have survived the day-long journey full of hardships, then such a Randstelingen can still get into trouble because he does not understand the relaxed local who is happy in worn wooden shoes behind his stand ... The roots of Auto Motor Klassiek - do you already have a subscription by the way? That costs almost nothing! - are located in the Middle East, Gelderland.

But in a confrontation with a hefty East Groninger with generous beard growth, even we had a hard time. But that was not only due to the fact that the man spoke the dialect. He had also left his teeth at home and spoke with a mouthful of burger filled with onions, ketchup and mayo. In his open, grinding mouth we saw what most resembled a terrible accident in a tunnel. His clogs were of tjalk size. He was wearing sweatpants.

Although 'de Handel' has also discovered Hardenberg in the meantime, it remains pleasant. Also because a few of the exhibitors we meet again and again say happy that they are not coming to Hardenberg for turnover, but for fun. And so for the fries and burgers.

Natural selection

The fair is thus a reality check for the kind of people who have ever read a marketing book and who have realized that success lies in entrepreneurship. For example, there was once a kind of party tent with a clothing stand as you often saw or see at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht. All Highly Safe, trendy and yet fashionable stuff. With CE protectors and festive reflection materials. Jackets, pants, suits, helmets, gloves, boots. And the stuff was bravely discounted according to the price tags. Oh yes: The stand crew was feminine in the way that unimaginative men from the Randstad apparently thought would be exciting for people from Groningen. Think 'Beebs'. Think 'high heels in a meadow'.

We were pleased when the sales ladies told their manager at four o'clock that they had sold all day… Two sets of boots…

So wait and see what will happen on the 27th in 'Hardenberg'


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  1. It is that I will be back at sea around the end of March, otherwise this lady would have certainly wanted to have a look there, I would have paid for the long journey.

  2. On to Hardenberg, on March 27, 2021. So in twelve days, as it were. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that twelve days is quite long. Twelve times to bed, twelve times getting up, twelve times breakfast, twelve times doubting whether you really want to go there. Go on a trip once and arrive there…. See what you couldn't have imagined….

  3. Unfortunately I have never been there, but when I read the plastic description by Dolf about the exhibitors from local areas and 'oet Grerkingen' and then close my eyes, I imagine myself in the middle of that wonderful event. Beautifully written !!!!!

  4. Well then Dolf; I am scrolling through all those photos looking for those high-heeled ladies from the Randstad. All I see is stalls, motorcycles and unattractive men!
    No, then a few years ago in Leeuwarden (or was it Drachten?) where a nice young lady with only her panties on had herself completely bodypainted and airbrushed. Look, I miss such fairs…

    • Then you should actually go to Franchorchamps the 1st weekend of July. Then it's time for the Biker classics.
      a great event with a lot of pretty crazy characters and young ladies who regularly get body painting; …………… .even without panties on.
      It is often quite busy at the booth while there are no engines at all. Very curious

  5. The only market that is a bit interesting and ... very important ... at the door for us Oriental is Hardenberg (ok .. Hoogenweg nowadays).
    Small-scale, well-organized and cozy ... even if the mud in your shoes and the rain drizzles your hamburger.
    Because of Corona already have to miss the third (!) Edition in a row… drama.
    Often by car, usually with a moped (whether or not sidebacked), so engine blocks etc. you just down next to you.
    Additional benefit; Due to the seeping engine oil, the seat is immediately water-repellent and the base is corrosion-resistant.
    Hopefully we will see each other in the autumn edition ..

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