The summer of 22

The summer of 22
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Stay inside. That's an option. On the other hand, as long as you keep driving, it's quite manageable on two or three wheels. It only gets annoying at traffic lights. Especially when you have a somewhat younger classic with fairing.

We are not going to talk about protective motorcycle clothing in this weather

Because you will die in that. But it is tricky to wear jeans and fingerless gloves. For the rest, we just have to assume that the rest of the world still doesn't see us. That's why you need to be extra attentive.

Points of attention

From an engine point of view, the tires on the asphalt, which have been softened by the heat, deserve some extra attention in terms of pressure. And it could just be that your otherwise always faithful classic now suddenly suffers from vapor lock. The petrol then already evaporates in the pipes. And like that lean mixture that gets behind the venturis of the carburettors, it's really too lean to ignite. It is best to wait until the place has cooled down a bit with a glass of 0.0 beer on a terrace. But then you must have a terrace at hand. Taking half or a whole liter of water 'for the road' can be a godsend.

Watch the sun

Cunning drivers who start riding really early or on the late side can be surprised by the low sun after a nice bend. And when overtaking responsibly, watch out for oncoming traffic. You may remember the times when tractors didn't drive faster than walking pace. Today's mega tractors blow up to 60+ kilometers on 's Heren roads with a three-axle tank trailer. I spoke to such a youthful tractor pilot and asked how such a fully loaded combination drove and braked. He answered agriculturally short: “65 and 'not'”.

The Netherlands has no endless plains. And while driving inside you will pass pleasant, shaded parts. But don't underestimate what the sun does. If you're dressed in the most summery, but less fall-proof way, you may find yourself seriously sunburnt at the end of the day. And in the neck region that can be dangerous too. Just wear a scarf. And apply an extra muscular sunscreen ointment beforehand. You will not be the first to get the skins hanging after a few days after a nice ride.

Although we don't fall, minimal clothing still has a disadvantage. The summer of 22 is a great wasp summer. If such a wasp gets stuck under your glasses, it will get nasty. If such a wasp flies into the pipe of your shorts, you end the day with magic balls.

Even if you decide not to drive, but just do some cleaning and maintenance, you will find that it is too hot for that. Then consider doing what they've been doing in African countries for a long time: Find the shade and wait for the relief supplies to be flown in.

All in all, it's better now quietly in the shade the last one Auto Motor Klassiek read. For that you can drive carefully to the local kiosk. Or you just take such a dirt cheap subscription.

Stay in the shade.

Keep drinking.


The summer of 22
The summer of 22
It's cooler along the water
The summer of 22

Wear clothes that suit the temperature
The summer of 22
But clothing remains a problem
The summer of 22
Simply: Nice tinkering at night


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  1. All in all, it is becoming more and more of a wild west fair on the road. Because there are all kinds of things driving around that are not even allowed on the road by law. Often also ridden by a driver who does not know any traffic rules. Sometimes those rules do not exist for the (illegal) vehicle in question.
    Two questions (as an example to think about):
    Does a fast electric scooter have priority over a zebra crossing?
    If you shovel such a scooter on the zebra crossing with your car or motorcycle, who is to blame and why?

  2. Nice part of Dolf, but "Watch the sun", this does not only apply to our two and three-wheelers.
    Many old-timers from before 1960 already have trouble reaching 80 km per hour, brakes - in accordance with the time - no power brakes.
    I have no problem with the new generation of agricultural vehicles “65+ – not”. Can I anticipate with my Landrover S1-86”-1956. Max 70km per hour, at full throttle.
    Usually I tour here in the Achterhoek on the beautiful B roads, but sometimes I have to take the provincial road. Not those agricultural vehicles, but the young road users in their “Boom, boom cars”, who overtake me just before the roundabout when the traffic light is red and go full into the blocks. Has already given me many 'heart enlargement'.
    Or…Touringcar – truck drivers who will drive 2 meters behind you, so that you continuously see “DAF and Volvo” in your rear-view mirror.
    Option, first take the best B-road, yes, "those" agricultural vehicles", but they have adapted ...
    The current tolerance between road users and oldtimer - motorcycle, car enthusiasts is not a thing for everyone, despite the many "thumbs".

    • It remains a matter of adjustment. And it's best when that happens from both sides. And let's not talk about our beautiful East Netherlands anymore. There are already too many Westerners coming this way (just kidding, but still…)

  3. I wouldn't leave that milk in the sidecar for very long with this weather.

    And I think that many of those youthful pimple-heads who are on the road with such a tractor (and therefore just have to have a tractor driver's license) can handle that combination better than the average caravan terrorist who likes to drive in front of the traffic jam, and on the camping can only send the caravan close to the tree without damage using a “mover”. . ... .

  4. “65 and 'not'”. And to think that my scooter is seen as dangerous and I will soon have to drive on the roadway. Netherlands narrower than narrowest.
    Careful everyone.

    • Nevertheless, in our neighborhood (Stolwijk) very large modern tractors with large truck engines with a big turbo drive, they pull very large trailers and drive 80 on the provincial road. These also have a front bumper with normal lighting and are mainly used by contractors. Recently I drove behind such a huge combination and it made an emergency stop because of a crossing cyclist and that braked very hard! So beware if you drive right behind them, they have air brakes and they brake as hard as a truck!

  5. yes just sit under the tree and watch the two wheeler , no trouble with magic balls , quiet maybe do some cleaning or just think about it .

  6. No kidding, magic balls and skins. Laughing Dolf, I see it here daily, especially with many British tourists renting an open Mustang for just 1 day. Even on the part of downtown
    to Whistler, or back, you don't recognize who they once were. By the time the burnt
    skin is gone, and the new piglet colored skin is showing again, the holidays are over, they have been sick, plus the bald faced hornets have left their craters behind.
    PS, the rain in Death Valley caused a lot of trouble, especially when it stopped and the
    43 degrees again, and you are ashes deep in mud with a rented Maxima.
    Dolf, thanks again for the summer of 22.

  7. As a lady I have little experience with the phenomenon of 'magic balls', but I did lie here twice about my laptop.. (thinking in pictures)

  8. It is still doable on the moped, traffic lights are indeed a challenge; if you don't like "no brakes, just downshift and throttle", then you will have to plan a traffic light-free ride.
    Drink a lot, otherwise your pee will smell so bad.. and a good pair of sunglasses to give your eyes some rest.
    And especially 'hènig an'..

  9. With me, the AMKlassiek has been on the mat for (years) before it is in the kiosk. Then I can take it quietly in the shade of such a hot summer day.

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