The sustainability bubble

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The sustainability bubble. The reason why so many lease drivers opted for hybrid humming trays? The low addition. And then simply continue to be without fuel at a low rate. Because after all, electricity is for microwaves and shavers? Yet?

The gasoline car is gaining popularity in the lease market. Is that because the sustainability bubble has broken? In the first half of this year, the proportion of petrol vehicles ordered rose from 37 to 58 percent. Leaseplan Nederland calculates this. The share of semi-electric cars, on the other hand, fell sharply. According to the company, these developments are caused by changes in car taxes.

This new tax policy has a major effect on the choices made by the lease driver, the lease company states. For example, the number of orders for plug-in hybrids fell to four percent in the first six months of this year. Last year, twelve percent of all newly ordered lease cars were a plug-in hybrid.

Petrol vehicles, on the other hand, made a clear comeback. Now that the addition for most new plug-in hybrids at the start of 2016 rose from seven percent to fifteen percent, lease drivers are ignoring the plug-in car. Diesel is also less popular now that there are no fuel-efficient diesels available at a low tax rate. The share of fully electrically increased slightly, from one percent to two percent.

“It is clear that if the financial incentives disappear, the lease driver will again opt for the well-known classics,” said Martijn Versteegen, marketing director at Leaseplan. The Volkswagen Passat, the Volkswagen Golf and the Opel Astra are the most frequently ordered models this year among business drivers. “In addition, many lease drivers are extending their existing contract in order to benefit from the old favorable addition rates for longer.”


Addition opportunism or sustainability fraud?

Or is it interesting because hybrids will be extremely sought after classics in about forty years?

source: tankpro




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  1. Fraud, with the kind cooperation of not specifically expert directors and officials.

    Incidentally, the first Prius is a certain sustainable car. Driving tons without a lot of costs is no problem.

    • Hybrid or full electric is still not very efficient and environmentally friendly at the moment when you consider the whole picture. The batteries currently installed in the cars are of a very limited capacity and it is expected that around 2020 a type of battery will come on the market that can generate more kilometers. It is also a ratio of weight and power of the battery that plays a role. People are still experimenting with improving the lithium battery. A good combination is not expected until 2025. Lithium-sulfur, lithium-air, etc. are looked at to reduce capacity versus weight. There is also the re-cycling and the question of what the price will be of a used car with a battery of about 10 years old
      should cost as the life of the current batteries is about 10 years. In short, it is a fairytale that electric cars are more environmentally friendly and just folksy people who don't know what they are talking about. Perhaps a very popular point politically, but it's not right! In addition, combustion engine technology is becoming increasingly advanced. In Brazil it is very common to drive on LNG, which burns very cleanly and requires considerably less adjustment.

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