Will the Suzuki GS 750 be the new CB 750?

Suzuki GS 750
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The Suzuki GS 750 came too late. The Honda CB750 OHC was earth-shattering. A huge number of them have been sold. And despite all the signs indicating that the CB750 OHC would someday become a top classic, there has been a time when you could take a CB750 for a handful of knuckles. Now the stock is almost exhausted and the market has discovered 'the next best thing': the Suzuki GS 750. In the meantime, they are no longer for sale for an apple or an egg. Yet….

The Suzuki GS 750

So the Suzuki GS 750. In retrospect, that is the best 750 cc four in line from the early Japanese era. The block was more modern than that of the Honda, and at least as good. Steering and braking did the Suzuki better too. Such a Suzuki GS 750 was also beautifully lined and finished. But at the time of its introduction to 1976, the first unique four-cylinder concept had already 'degenerated into a' UJM ', a Universal Japanese Motorbike': A four-cylinder. So what?

That the Suzuki GS 750 had a roller bearing crankshaft and double overhead camshafts with tappet cups and that the heads were fitted with Suzuki's Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers (TSCC)? It was all highly rated, but the Suzuki GS 750 did not become an icon for it.

The last of its kind

But he belonged to the last generation where the 'UJM' also stood for the broad deployment area of ​​the engine. A true universal motorcycle. The Suzuki GS 750 was a classic motorcycle in the sense that it usually only got its final version after purchase. And because the Netherlands was still unlimited at the time, the first personal adjustment was usually a noisy four-in-one set.

These were exhaust systems whose cheaper versions cost more power than yielded. But if the exhaust noise at top speed exceeded the pain threshold, then you still had to drive much faster than with a standard exhaust system. Yet? In the same fast corner were the 'hanging ears' and clip us. Molded engine covers with cooling fins also adorned many Suzuki GS 750. And suppliers like Yoshimura supplied things that really made the Suzuki faster.

Touring was also possible

A Suzuki GS 750 with a touring cockpit and suitcases was suddenly a fast touring machine. And the people who kept their Suzuki GS 750 completely original and cherished it, did it well with the knowledge of today. Because the Suzuki GS 750 has since been discovered after the Kawasaki 650. And such a perfect survivor can currently be worth between € 4.000-5.000.

Highly usable

These Suzuki's were and are beautifully finished, solid motorcycles. They are virtually indestructible with normal use and maintenance. Their driving characteristics are still undated and the parts supply is excellent. And in the meantime they are already so 'old' that they make people look admiringly endearing. In use, they are a lot more pleasant to deal with than the large GS 1000's, which were also so enormously misunderstood and very good.

The Suzuki GS 750 now

Many Suzuki GS 750s have been sold. A good part of it was once purchased by highly serious motorcyclists who cherished their property. That is why you can still find very cool copies with some regularity. And now is the time to strike.

Converting a GS in this way is almost a passing station

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  1. Nice that you have used my motorcycle in this article (the green one)
    But this engine has not been recently renovated
    To my knowledge it is a survivor from the 70s 😉

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