The VW Beetle. Model year 1965

VW Beetle
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The Volkswagen Beetle was regularly adjusted on countless points in the course of its long career. Year in, year out Volkswagen made modifications to Typ 1. The various generational changes nevertheless ensured that the Typ 1 lost its recognizability and sympathetic image. That also did not happen with the changed types for the model year 1965, which ran from 3 August 1964 to 2 August 1965. It was characterized by many modifications. The 1965 Beetle is also one of our favorites, because he represented the Beetle history and future in his time.

The VW 1200, available as "A", the Luxe and Cabriolet, has been revised. We mention a number of mutations that were applied at the start of and during the model year. From a technical point of view (during the model year) the ignition was provided with a copper core. Furthermore, the tabs for the contact points were set up in an asymmetrical setting. Modifications to the adjustment options of the brakes were also made. For example, there were several small but useful and effective interventions, such as an oil drain option at the rear wheel bearings. They were subtle changes that benefited maintenance-friendliness.

Everything remains the same as before

From a motor point of view there was little new under the sun with regard to the 1200 variants, because the 1192 cc boxer engines remained available in variants of 30 HP (for the Standard or “A” version) and 34 HP. The values ​​differed from each other due to different compression ratios. Incidentally, the 1965 model year was the last in which the Beetle could only be equipped with a 1.192 cc engine. In addition, the 1966 HP version disappeared for model year 30. It was also striking that Volkswagen finally decided to give the Beetle a full wax preservation ex works from August 1964. This happened in part before, although the last Dickholmers were also equipped with the complete protection treatment.

Interior changes

Changes were also visible within the interior. For example, there was the option of folding the backrest of the rear seat. Furthermore, the beetle got swiveling sun visors. The temperature in the beetle was now adjustable with two levers attached to the handbrake, a simple but effective adjustment. In addition, the VW engineers created some space gain in the rear, and the interior trim panels were finished with a beautiful chrome strip. The (adapted) windscreen wipers with the new spring blades were mounted on the outside, with the rest position now left-wing used to be. The bonnet opened from August 1964 by means of a push button manufactured from chrome-plated stainless steel.

Enlarged windows

The change that caught the eye most was the window surface enlarged on all sides. That gave Volkswagens' smallest and most successful type a new external characteristic, and also contributed to improved all-round visibility. What remained were the long boot lid and ditto bonnet. The flat-lying headlights and the smooth bumpers were also retained. Mainly the enlarged glass surface, the retained decorative features of old, the subtle technical adjustments and the excellent basic qualities fit the spirit of the times in which this beetle was built.

You can read an extensive report about a VW 1200 de Luxe from 1965 in its original state in AMK 5-2018.



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