The Yamaha SRX 600. Tribute or failed clone?

Yamaha SRX 600
The nice side
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At its introduction, the Yamaha SRX 600 was presented as a kind of tribute to the legendary Velocette Venom Thruxton and the Ducati 450 Desmo. Whatever. At that time the Japanese four-cylinder were already the norm and single-pits were exceptional and already a kind of neo-nostalgic.

Old and new

The 608 cc engine was a miracle of modernity compared to a Velocette. The 608 cc power source with its two (!) Mikuni carburetors delivered 45 horsepower at 6.500 rpm and was about an 160 km / h fast with that. The Velocette Thruxton (1964-1971) was 499 cc, delivered 41 pk and was gave up for 175 km / h. Just like the Yamaha SRX 600.

Even more matches

Another similarity between 'old' and 'new'. The Yamaha didn't really need a lot of revs to get out of place. From 3.000 rpm, there was enough torque to get away quickly. Oh yes: Just like the Velo and the Ducati, the Yamaha just had to be kicked. "Kick only!" Just like with the XT 500, starting was actually no more than a trick. It was very simple if the engine was adjusted properly.

Starting is a trick

Some people never got the hang of it - note the 'click' - by the way. Just like with the XT 500. If the engine does not run after the third kick with the correct procedure, then something is wrong. What also appeals to us now: The Yamaha SRX 600 was fuel-efficient. 1 on 20 Is just easily achievable. Remember, however, that this slender single-handed person for European modeled people is actually a personal machine.


Economical but dynamic

In addition, that economy is not at the expense of the dynamics. With the roadworthy but 170 kilo-weighing Yamaha you are in control of a lot of heavy boys on winding secondary roads. And the Yamaha SRX 600 also does braking well. Keep in mind that the piston on these machines is really a wear part. But if the block gets the time to warm up before the whip passes, the party can take much longer than 20.000 km for the first excess. Therefore pay attention to the general state of maintenance. Cleaners are usually not techno executioners.

Nicely aged

The surviving Yamaha SRX 600 are generally used as pleasure bikes. That is why you still find beautifully maintained specimens with low mileage. The engines were sold in Germany in the then favorable 27 hp class. That means that quite a few parts and accessories can still be found in Germany. And of course the Yamaha SRX 600. But they can be 'pinched' 27 pk types.

A price idea

Consider amounts between € 2.000-3.000 for a good-running and neat-looking copy. Accessories such as a Vampire outlet can thereby significantly increase the party spirit.

Other exhausts. Always a thing on SRXsen


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