Theft and justice

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Visiting a client in the center of Antwerp? You take the engine for that. And my V7 was ready for a long drive. I rarely or never lock my motorcycles. And if there is a rearview mirror on it, then I put my helmet on it. I protected the Guzzi behind a wrought iron gate and the helmet over the mirror.

Meetings in Flanders are always messy, busy and well supplied with many 'bags' of coffee

Afterwards and farewell I left the building and just saw someone with my - by the way not special - helmet running away. Theft in the act so. I'm not built on sprinting and I shouted at a man with a dog in the distance: "He stole my helmet!" The man unleashed his dog and pointed to the helmet thief.

The shepherd-like XL sprinted away and flew to the thief

My helmet bounced over the cobbles. The thief did not bounce but remained lying. The dog walker walked quietly to his dog. Checked the contents of the leather jacket with bite wounds. Put the smartphone in his back pocket. Withdrew money and cards from the wallet. And put it with him. The young man cried, screamed and showed signs of discomfort with a widening blood stain on his arm. Theft does not always pay. A learning moment.

The dog walker said "loose" to his dog

The young man tried to scramble away immediately. The dog man said "Vast!" To his dog. The young man remained calm again. The dog man pointed to the young man and said to me: “I don't think my dog ​​gets sick from him. He is halal. "

He turned to the young man on the floor. “Now I have your letter bag (wallet), your money and documents. And your phone. The genes of theft. That certainty. So now I know everything about you and I can always find you again. Allez! Go fort! ”So the young man did that. Limping.

I picked up my helmet and thanked the dog walker

He looked calmly and thoughtfully from his eyes. "Amaai, that young boy had more money in his pocket than the money I paid in retirement." "But he no longer has that now. And he can't call his friends either, "I added.
“Tis cheers waddege says zalle. I will continue again. But be a little more careful with your things. ”The wagging dog got a pat on the head and was leashed.

Statistically, there were two satisfied people in this story compared to one person who had not had such a top day.

But it makes you think

Trusting that people respect your things is no longer a matter of course. On the other hand, that can also lead to some kind of funny situations. An acquaintance of mine in another big city, known as 010 in 020, has half shielded its classic Russian sidecar on public roads. The tricycle is there under a large motorcycle cover.

One autumn morning, my acquaintance saw something strange about his combination when he left his house. It hung crooked. He thought of a flat sidecar tire. The band was fine. But in the sidecar was a homeless person who apparently ate some three liters of Aldi's wine box. The man was sleeping. It was pretty early. Erwin went back to his house. Took out bread, sausage, half a gingerbread, milk and paracetamoles. Put those things in a plastic bag. He put that bag on the lap of the not so clean sleeper. He hit the motorcycle cover back. And went to work.


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