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Theft of classics "If such a classic is stolen, then one hour later it is across the border on its way to the former Eastern bloc."

And then?

Then there is really only one end to the story: The classic is being demolished 'there' (or just sometimes 'here'). Because a classic with a different song and a different color can have so many 'peculiarities' that it remains recognizable.

But a perfect front bumper plus grille of an 190SL are a lot less recognizable and such a set still yields 10 mille. The Solex carburetors of such a Benz also raise such an amount, while there is more demand than supply on the Porsche 911's parts market.

It has been known since the year that a vehicle is worth much more in parts than the functioning whole. And then suddenly throwing away a body or engine is quite a good option to leave behind a healthy revenue model without leaving a trace. The harvested parts then find new owners through rogue restorers, the internet and trade shows. And remember: this trade is international by definition.

Classics theft must be prevented

From an insurance-technical point of view, it is therefore convenient to read the small print of your policy. It is usually stated that your classic car must also be locked / locked in the storage room and requirements are often imposed on the lock work of the storage room. After all, classics usually have the wiring as we know it from older American films where some cables are pulled loose with a jerk under the dashboard to make a short circuit, start the car and get rid of it just before the crooks run around the corner. As fast as it goes in those films, it also goes in real life.

In addition, you can then install festivities such as steering or wheel clamps. In addition, such a handlebar clamp is mainly discouraging for classic thieves in basic training, but a wheel clamp irritates even the pros immensely. A hidden immobilizer is also a good option as long as he is in a place where the aspiring thief does not immediately expect him. Switch it, for example, over a dashboard switch that is not in use.

Confidence in the electronic start protection of young timers is bypassed by thieves by connecting a laptop to the diagnostic connector.

Window etching and GPS tracking

These are sensible options to discourage and to take action shortly after the Classics theft.


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