The most beautiful roads and routes in Europe. Part One.

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Pon recently put together a nice overview of some beautiful routes on our planet. We picked out the most beautiful European roads and routes and added classics with which we would like to drive these routes. A purely personal choice of course. Today we publish part one with beautiful roads in Europe. Are you boarding?

Transfăgărășan, Romania.

Probably the nicest route in Europe, at least. With a length of 90 kilometers, it meanders through the rugged mountain landscape of the Carpathians, or rather: straight through the Făgăraș mountains. The route with phenomenal views and beautiful winding asphalt offers everything the adventurous driver wants. In addition, the road is famous. 40 soldiers gave their lives during the construction of the road built in the Ceaucescu era with the aim of quickly organizing military interventions. Mixed feelings increase the drama, which comes to a head with the breathtaking view of Lake Balea.

Classic to ride the Transfăgărășan: Mercedes 280 SL from the Baureihe W113. With convertible top. The Pagoda is a powerful, chic and elegant tribute to the soldiers who gave their lives to make the route possible. And the sounds of the M130 six in-line engine form the perfect symphony to harmonize with the ominous beauty of the Carpathians. Indestructible beauty meets indestructible beauty.

Stelvio pass, Italy.

Located at an altitude of 2.757 meters, it is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. He owes his fame to the beautiful landscape and the 48 hairpin bends in just 24 kilometers with a slope of 7,6 percent. Every petrolhead must have driven it. And when the route is complete.

Classic to ride the Stelvio pass: Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super. The sublime chassis, the intimidating sounds and the design of the Alfa compose an ominous and adventurous setting, with which the secrets of the Stelvio pass can be unraveled. You should take this route with an Italian classic. And to experience every meter of asphalt as a rally driver.

Furka pass, Switzerland.

This pass became popular after he played a role in the James Bond movie Goldfinger from 1964. It crosses the 19 route and is one of the thirty highest mountain passes in Europe. Its location in the middle of the Swiss Alps guarantees spectacular views, including a view of the Rhone glacier and impressive rock formations.

Ideal classic to conquer the Furka Pass: Aston Martin DB 5. The James Bond film Goldfinger - with Sean Connery in the lead role - was set in this beautiful piece of Switzerland. The romance, loveliness and excitement of the Furka Pass came out beautifully in the film. The DB5 is designed to experience that typical 1960s atmosphere on the Furka Pass, as James Bond and millions of viewers have experienced it.

Romantic road, Germany.

A road from 400 kilometers from Würzburg to Füssen in Bavaria. You pass through sixty villages and towns, where you can marvel at churches, cathedrals, castles and monasteries. Beautiful are the medieval towns such as Dinkelsbühl, the vineyards and the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, where the ride ends.

Ideal classic to ride the Romantic Road: Honda CB 750. Beautiful classic two-wheeler that is ideal for beautiful asphalt in the Bavarian countryside. And is ideal for various stops in a German highway away from the setting. You get off in no time to visit the highlights. And while taking in the historic splendor of Bavaria, the desire to continue the ride with this sublime engine grows.

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