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Third edition of CLASSICSNL starts promising


On Friday 27 October 13.00 hour was the day. The gates of the WTC Expo finally opened to welcome visitors to the third edition of CLASSICSNL, which made a name for itself in 2015 and 2016. It created expectations for the 2017 version in Leeuwarden. A first tour showed that the high-tensioned prospect has been realized.

Nice ambiance

This year, too, the organization devoted attention to the design of the fair, which maintains the pleasant balance between accessible and high-quality. It is noticeable that the offer is pleasantly spacious. Numerous participants from the first hour and various newcomers, together with the organization led by Femke Beekink this year, have set up a wonderful event and brought along impressive classics (and related matters).

Commercial offer main part

Just as in previous years, the (attractive) commercial offer forms the main part in Leeuwarden. It is presented on a beautiful surface, with a nice contrast between light and dark. Speaking of light: the level of lighting is pleasant and puts the offer in a good perspective.

Beautiful stands

Various exhibitors have unpacked considerably this year. The main theme has been filled in by the Mercedes Benz club the Netherlands. Four fabulous Benz classics color the theme in, and are flanked by other heritage from the oldest manufacturer in the world. Cars, Cola and Coins, which made its debut in 2015 together with CLASSICSNL and launched itself impressively, also unpacked again this year. Anyway, it stands out across the board that the level of the stock market is high. Wherever the visitor walks: nobody can ignore the beautiful pre-war and post-war offerings that for the most part determine the image.

Clubs with beautiful heritage, Catawiki auction is running

This year there are also a few clubs present. The HAV has furnished its stand with a beautiful combination of pre-war and post-war classics. The sympathetic Klassieker Club Fryslân has brought along beautiful heritage, and the Borgward Club has again posted beautiful material in Leeuwarden. Catawiki has a separate hall at its disposal. CLASSICSNL forms the final agreement for the auction house for the vintage car auction, which is currently running and has a composition with a center of gravity on American.

World travelers in Leeuwarden

However, the most special act in Leeuwarden is the presence of Herman and Candelaria Zapp. The Argentines have been traveling around the world for almost seventeen years in their classic from 1928. They had four children during that period. The entire family is present in Leeuwarden and provides presentations and are enthusiastically ready for a wonderful story. And we will also record that story, as we can already promise you.

"The beginning can be there"

We also spoke briefly with Femke Beekink, who succeeded the founder of CLASSICSNL - Pieter Fokkema. “The start is promising. We can already welcome an appealing number of visitors and are also very satisfied with the image of the exhibition, which we put on the map nationally. We therefore expect a lot of interest from all over the country. The beginning can be there. "

Great value for money

We can only confirm this. And recommend every enthusiast to travel to the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. Because the third version of CLASSICSNL is also appealing, pleasantly comfortable and truly first-class. Visitors get absolute value for money. They can see this coming weekend with their own eyes. Because on Saturday and Sunday the exhibition is open from 10 hours to 18 hours.

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