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ER Classics Desktop 2022

You could just do that by the end of the year. And then you come across all kinds of things. Before I put this in another digital drawer, I want to share what has been found with the holidays approaching.

If you have that kind of trivia with you, they are welcome.


And the Martaré GT? It will come back!



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  1. Nice almost round Russian wheel, is ok, my Russian's are the same. I like that Russian piston less, those of my Russian are better… I hope, but I prefer not to look.
    Beautiful collage, great !!

    • @ Albert> In terms of cylinders and pistons, 'upgrading' to aluminum Polish cylinders and pistons via Rolpa has been the ultimate grip for me. After running in the also ex CCCP Yellow Miracle Oil and since then all Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda and Ducati riders have no chance. Well….

  2. Very fascinating stories and photos. I myself have an almost twenty year old Citroën Xsara Picasso. Apk. until July 2021. Who wants to take over the thing? Road tax and insurance premium are a waste of money because of a spare car that is also doing well.

  3. Just remembered RV 31 KR was the number of my Siera. With the bigger headlights. With the same “seasickness” rear suspension. Fortunately I was always in the front. The first lease bin at my then new employer Kodak. It was funny that one of the first machines I serviced was the RV3 Microfilmer. Furthermore, the handling was not really great.

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