Tighten the wheel bolts

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'Fixed is fixed' or with extra piece of pipe over the wheel bolt wrench to add extra force?

Wheel bolts do not have to be 'pulled'. Generally, the force with which a normally built person secures the bolts with the tool belonging to the car is sufficient.

Then it is not a bad idea to 'retighten' the bolts after a kilometer or 10o. An activity that usually has no observable result.

A common tightening moment for the wheel bolts for passenger cars is 110-130 Nm.
And to respect that value, the purchase of a torque wrench (with the correct value range) is a sensible and affordable solution. Consult our advertisers 🙂

Tightening the bolts can in extreme cases lead to stripped thread in the hubs, but can also lead to problems with an intermediate tool change using the on-board tool: the bolts are then simply not to be released and then applies to you that it becomes a case of 'waiting for the roadside assistance'.

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