Time for an investment

aspen shelf life gasoline

As if gasoline is not expensive enough!

In the meantime, we know that if we park our classic, the tank should just be brim. For example, the precipitation of water and bacterial growth in gasoline - really, those little bugs are crazy about gasoline with alcohol addition - are limited. Not prevent.

The only real solution to the problem, and the guarantee of a trouble-free start next spring? That is the purchase of what gasoline such as gasoline is meant for.

Costs something, but then you also have something:

Aspen 4: clean alkylate petrol for four-stroke engines. Without added oil.

aspen shelf life gasolineAspen 4 is an alkylate gasoline for four-stroke engines. The cleaner combustion of Aspen 4 makes the exhaust gases less hazardous to your health. In addition, the engine stays cleaner, which ensures better performance and a longer service life for your machine. Aspen 4 can be stored for years and retains its quality!

The advantages at a glance:

• Your machine always starts
• Aspen will keep for many years
• Virtually odorless
• Less maintenance & a longer life of your machine
• Your health and the environment are optimally protected

aspen shelf life gasolineFor which machines and vehicles?
Aspen 4 can be used in all four-stroke engines in which Euro 95 unleaded is used. When in doubt about the use of Aspen 4, always contact your Aspen dealer.

The handy 5L jerry can with matching filling accessories makes refueling easy.

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