Other Times Sport dominated by side pair Streuer and Schnieders

Streuer and Schnieders

On Sunday 25 June, Other Sport Times is all about the heavy bikes. The program is broadcast during the TT weekend. Central is the legendary and in the eighties successful sidecar duo from Assen: Egbert Streuer and Bernard Schnieders. They not only belonged to national motorsport icons such as Boet van Dulmen, Wil Hartog and Jack Middelburg. The pair of horses also won three world titles in the 1980s.

In the eighties, motorsport was an important signboard for Dutch sport in an international context. The international successes in the toughest classes made many motorsport fans—and those who weren't—proud. The sidecar duo Streuer and Schnieders contributed significantly to that national sense of honor in the sporting field. Streuer and Schnieders managed to seize the world title no less than three times. In 1984, 1985 and 1986 they crowned themselves as the world's best. In addition, they were good for several victories in the international Grand Prix.

TT victory: a long missing link

In spite of that great record, the career of the driver and the bakist from Drenthe had a long history. They just failed to win the home circuit. The profit from the TT in Assen always proved to be a bridge too far. Time after time the illustrious duo grabbed the victory in Drenthe. The absence of a victory in the back garden became the missing link.


But in 1987 it finally happened. Then the Drenthe duo in Assen finally achieved the desperately desired victory, which may well be considered the most beautiful of Streuer and Schnieders. Everything was right in the pouring rain. 140.000 (!) Spectators were crazy with joy because of the success of the harmonious duo, which worked together from 1980 to 1988 and can be counted among the greatest motor sportsmen in national history.

Sunday 25 June at 22.10 hour

Andere Tijden Sport will return to the primeval time of Dutch motorsport next Sunday 25 June at 22.10 hour. The documentary will include stories about the death of Schnieders, who died at the age of 47. The refinement of an engine block and the soul of the sidecar are also discussed. The episode will feature Egbert Streuer, money lender Riemer van der Velde, team manager / marketing man Lee van Dam and Jaap Geerts, racer of the first hour and bar boss. The broadcast will in any case be a fitting dessert for the TT weekend.

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