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A tip for this summer: Buy an amphibious vehicleBuy an amphibious vehicle. While the fish in the pond put on their life jackets, we have to keep thinking in the summer.

And then an amphibious vehicle, a classic amphibious vehicle, might be a nice option.

The man who grabbed his Audi A8 in a white standing tunnel must have something for it. When the water reached the rings on its grille, the car stopped after an electronic infarction.

The estimated damage? 30 to 40.000 euros.

Keep in mind that an amphibious vehicle drives less well than a comparable car, and sails less well than a comparable boat.

Also bear in mind that water and steel are not the best friends and that such an amphibian is rather maintenance-sensitive. In addition, most civilian amphibious vehicles are rarely built. Usually 'ready-made parts' were used for this, but specific replacement parts are usually difficult to find.

And the restoration of such a vehicle also requires a little more attention because the thing must of course remain afloat.

With us in the Netherlands is the largest trader / restorer of the most famous amphibious vehicles: the Amphicars. These are serious things that have even been sold to various police and fire brigades. In the Netherlands, the police have at least had one. That specimen has since been forgotten in a minuscule French car, waiting for better times. The museum operator is now 82. So maybe those times are coming. Amphicars are now very well priced.

Then there are several lesser-known amphibious vehicles, but they are often conceived as utility vehicles or toys.

The DUKWS are legendary, but have their limitations for long trips. They are slow and thirsty. But we know people who went to Denmark on their own wheels for an amphibious encounter.

The Alvis Stalwarts are relatively practical. They are only motorized with a Rolls-Royce eight-cylinder petrol engine and in fact every 32 liter of oil has to be changed after every use. We still know a few Stalwarts for sale ..

Maybe it's better to wait for better weather.

Although: Playing with an amphibious vehicle under a summer sun is also not wrong.



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  1. We are talking about a whole nest of Stalwarts that may go away for military or humanitarian export. The owner also has a nest of old Range Rovers on GB papers. He is a genetic engineer and has even turned such a Range Rover into an amphibious vehicle, the Jet Ranger. It is at Potomac in Terborg.
    The contact is, tel. 0591371387 or 0644302117.

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