Tires with a white side surface

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Opinions differ about getting tires-with-white-sidewall 'white' again. Sometimes Westley's Bleche-White is used, in the States available for $ 3,00 per bottle at Walmart. Blech-White is a dangerous substance, given the many warnings on the label. Probably too aggressive, because it eats up the paint of the rims, let alone the skin of your hands and the effect on rubber ... Cheaper, safer and faster available perhaps, green soap, the former VIM or current Cif (or other abrasive from the kitchen cupboard), a sturdy brush and water…, lots of water. In France, on the other hand, they simply paint (!) The white side surface (…) on the tire. Now rubber and paint don't always go together, but apparently Dulux Valentine paint works just fine, as does the paint that is marketed by Pixon Industries - there. The latter paint is only suitable for museum cars or cars that are driven very little…. Those (loose) white edges that must be placed between the bead of the tire and the rim flange are strongly discouraged. Dangerous!


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  1. About the white edges on the car tires, I always clean them with the cleaning agent “DUSTY”, which is sold at the WIBRA.
    The agent is cheap and can also be used to degrease engine parts, then rinse with water.
    Just pay attention to the paint,

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