TNO: “minimal effect of environmental zone on air quality”

Environmental zone

TNO has added a new chapter to the current debate about the usefulness of the environmental zones in the big cities. That is what De Telegraaf writes today. The newspaper writes that, according to the researchers, the expected effect cannot be proven.

TNO reports that the concentrations of particulate matter in the air have become lower. However, the effect is marginal, as the researchers have concluded that the effect on air quality is only less than one percent. The nitrogen decrease due to the exclusion of older diesels is equally minimal. A motion by VVD MP Visser to abolish the zones received a majority in December, but was pushed aside by a few large cities. Eindhoven, on the other hand, recently announced that a similar environmental zone will not be implemented in the Philips city. Costs, uncertainty and too few demonstrable effects were the basis for this decision.

CDA fraction Utrecht: "abolish measure"
The Utrecht CDA group argues in favor of abolishing the environmental measure. "We have always said that the impact of the environmental zone is disproportionate to the impact on individual car owners. The evaluation proves that, "says Sander van Waveren. He points out that clean buses have been running in Utrecht for a few years now and cars are becoming cleaner and cleaner. This may also have made the air cleaner. Even though the municipal wish for scientific substantiation was not fulfilled, the board insists that the environmental zone is effective. "Profit in the sense of extending the lifespan and reducing the burden of disease." Incidentally, the municipality is starting new investigations.

KNAC in rifle for some time
The KNAC has been working to undo the environmental zone in Utrecht for some time. It was stated some time ago that investments in an environmental zone for keeping out a handful of old diesels wmoney is wasted. “The costs of establishing and monitoring an environmental zone are enormous, while polluters, such as public transport, with its smoking, diesel-fired city and regional buses, are allowed to enter the environmental zone. So you will see the same in Utrecht as in various German cities that once introduced an environmental zone for passenger cars: costs are gigantic and effect zero, ”the KNAC stated at the time. The KNAC is now still involved in a legal battle. It was decided in February to go to the Council of State to try to undo the earlier rulings on enforcement of the environmental zone.

Open doubts are also expressed in Rotterdam
In Rotterdam, too, there has been serious doubt about the usefulness of the environmental zone for some time. The Rotterdam Classic Classic Foundation demonstrated very clearly that the effect of the vehicles withdrawn on air quality is minimal. Legal action is also being considered in Rotterdam. Furthermore, some time ago it became apparent that the measures were taken in the port city on the basis of outdated investigations by ... TNO.

TNO report must be leading in reconsideration
The TNO report, published today, should now be a step towards reversing the zones. Certainly since the TNO principles were also used at an earlier stage to design the controversial zones. In the context of credibility, it would be advisable for those responsible to reverse the zones on the basis of the findings of TNO and other parties, instead of persevering in a battle of prestige that has now cost millions of euros in community money.




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  1. Especially now that it appears that modern diesel vans are 6 to 7 times more polluting than officially declared and scooters contribute enormously to the poor air quality in inner cities, you cannot maintain that those few older cars are the source of all evil.

  2. as an invalid residing inmaarssen I can therefore no longer go to the diesnt tax and also no more to the court asked for invalid exemption three times, but no answer at all, fine 90 euro and one-time exemption also 90 euro we must live on 30 euro pr week, and food bank old invalid bus from 1980 is approved and cleaner as the new diesels and gasoline cars with catalytic converters ??????? we find this again a typical vvd money grabbing measure that lacks any substantiation from us Jan van Zanen gets a fat litigation elec cent that we now miss we will tell the mayor and aldermen who do not answer our 3 requests exemption for invalid vehicle !!! ! cordially greeting giseal and cornell podemos maarssen sovereign maarssen!

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