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Purchasing classics there

Ai… That might not be such a good example. Other than: Too early to talk about the holidays? It never is. Holidays usually overwhelm you. Possibly also because you have been knocked down because the pepernoten, speculaas and marzipan have been on the shelves of the always stunting supermarkets since September. The feeling of mild despair when you have to score presents or present wish lists just before Sinterklaas, Christmas or any other holiday of what ethnic background? People have perished on that.

Time flies

We make the link with the holidays – and the longest day is already over! – following a comment from a visitor. When he left he asked him to go to his car. He wanted to show something. Before his visit to us, he had stopped by one of our advertisers. This advertiser, like many of his colleagues, has all kinds of automobilia against the walls of his showroom (and even between his trading stock during messy busy times).
All that stuff is emphatically used to enhance the party spirit and the atmosphere. Our departing visit had seen in a display case a couple of bonnet real enamel advertising signs that made him very greedy. The real plates, no reference with fake patina on tin from China. He gathered some courage and timidly asked if they were for sale. That turned out not to be an insulting question at all. “Everything is for sale”. “Look, there is a box with Scalextric racing cars and a track with a loop in it. Then you can finally drive at full throttle again.”

The possible adoption of automobilia by classic dealers has its limits

Because there are things that also have such an emotional bond for a trader that they are not for sale. Although. Never say never in trading. In the meantime, we go back to the holidays. And let's face it: We actually have everything we want. But a really nice and quite original Sinterklaas or Christmas present? That's absolutely great.

Also for better halves

And if you look around what you want to fill your own wish list with, you can immediately see if there is something beautiful antique or brocante-like for your better half. We know from our own experience that such a 'hand-picked' gift has a much higher emotional impact than the obligatory gift voucher for a facial treatment or that kind of physical work. And that is worth the bonus points in the context of falling asleep together with a smile. Also nice: our advertisers also have things that are educationally perfect to put grandchildren on the right track.

The prices are often not too bad

Experience has shown that this kind of 'trade' is often just pleasant by-catch for the classic specialists. This means that they usually don't charge more for it than specialized dealers. And what could be better than giving or receiving a gift for which no top prizes have been asked.

On the minus side, however, is that the classic dealers known to us do not have Sinterklaas or Christmas wrapping paper in their house and that you do not have to visit them for the Sinterklaas poems. In short: it will be December before you know it. So take advantage of this information.

And this will make you the most favorite grandfather of all time (excl. batteries)


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  1. Well, to each his own, but personally I can tell the humorous stories of
    Dolf very much appreciate. He simply writes entertainingly with clear technical insight. I suspect most readers feel the same way.

    • Bye Eli and Geo: We try to live with a smile. And we realize that our passion is not even the most important thing in the world. And so are most of the people we know. Digitally it is apparently a fairly anonymous world that is full of resentment, hate, envy and displeasure. And that manifests itself quite easily from the shelter behind the bushes. But in this section, too pleasant tone predominates almost 100%. And that is good. When we speak to someone in 'real life', we all often agree and celebrate with a cup of coffee, a beer or a Spa Rood. If we don't agree, we drink it off with a cup of coffee, a beer or a Spa Red. It's actually always good. And grumble? We do that in politics or the Dutch national team. Because unlimited happiness is not realistic

  2. And that is worth the bonus points in the context of falling asleep together with a smile, isn't it?
    I don't think we as classic lovers are waiting for these kinds of stories. That you have to seduce your other half with gifts to get your possible comfort is deeply sad! Keep those stories about existing or not existing escapades to yourself or else write stories for a magazine that is better suited for this!

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