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It is that they fall into a deadly series of repetitions. And that I think Mike Brewer is a creep. But thanks to Wheeler Dealers I am aware of the existence of Cleco's and welding magnets. Tools are fun. Do it yourself too.

When I was on the MTS, that beauty wasn't there yet

And later until recently, my welding equipment consisted of an inexpensive electric welding machine, some clamps and usually slightly too old electrodes. Baking instead of welding is a weakness, I know.

Good enough and not expensive

But with the stuff that our advertisers offer to previously priceless special tools, life has become much more fun. First of all, you can of course never have enough tools. A friend of mine even has a whole wall of Snap On tools purely for emotional reasons. Not that he uses it, but he is very happy with it. In his 'workshop' there is also a beautiful hydraulic lift table, an old Chesterfield sofa and a refrigerator from the fifties. Oh yes, and his motorcycle. On the lift table.

With good tools and all the information films that you find on YouTube, just working yourself has become very feasible. And in the meantime there are a few people from my circle of acquaintances who have become more interested in working on, than on driving with their classics. One even has an extra income. Because there is hardly anyone who knows what to do with contact points.

The time when free thinkers made a lifting table of a rejected hospital bed is also gone

Currently, the production of new lifting tables will be slightly less due to the Corona - the virus, not the beer hassle. But a lift is the best that China brought us after the take-away Chinese. If you do pull the cut: buy one where the rear can fold down for the dismantling of the rear wheel.

Those Cleos from the head are more car things, but I just wanted them because I wanted them. Welding magnets are more widely used for positioning anything and everything and angling the ignition keys that have fallen into it from a well.

And equipment with which you, as well as almost unskilled, make a reasonable reading after reading the instructions and viewing a few Youtuubjes? There are people who get something like that for their birthday. And that is positive.

Because the trend of recent years is that people have come to see classics as a lifestyle outfit or - and still - investment object. You may be pleased with that, but when all maintenance and key work is outsourced to people who are working on it professionally? It is of course a matter of perception. But for me it seems a bit like after calling the wedding promise to call a professional to outsource the wedding night.

With all that key there is a snag: Self-overestimation

After all, you work on technology in which details such as brakes and so on are quite a thing. In doing so, we explicitly point to self-appointed Harley Gurus (Lots of tattoos, beards, high fives, they say 'Bro') and the often considerably younger builders of cafe racers, scramblers, bobbers and more of those kinds of phenomena from the margin that are currently quite current. . Because the basis of that type of work is often a somewhat less appreciated classic, we often see a few of those machines, also from our valuation company. And believe us, we will come across tear-pulling, dangerous constructions. And the owner has paid a lot for that too.

So the idea is: you classic engine working is fun and usually not 'rocket science'. But read in, know what you are doing, consult Youtube and get good tools. And the latter does not have to be priceless.

Just think about it before you start wiring. Certainly when a cable harness has already been tampered with. For less than a tenner you have a universal meter including instructions.

Oh yes: Another sincere advice: work in a tidy environment and try to keep the workplace organized. Otherwise everything goes wrong and you lose everything constantly.

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  1. I also have a motorcycle lift table.
    Giant thing.

    Rebuilding a bed-house bed is a good option, but because there is still quite a demand for those things (eg for conversion to lift table) they cost little less than an original.
    If you can already find a bed, many end up in the trade to private clinics or abroad.

  2. A lifting table is an errrrruuuggh beautiful / handy / useful thing. Your back will 'speed up', especially if your height is not suitable for low-ground work, or it is just too cold to mop the ground 😜 If you want to put a GWing or a HarlieDavidzoon on it, choose the heavier version . A scissor lift table is also the better choice because the center of gravity does not shift with lifting.
    From experience: FIRST ON THE BOK. It is a really tough job to pick up your GWing next to the lift table. Also secure with lashing straps.

    • I was in a mild mood. Another strange thing is: family constellations. Invented by Bert Hellinger. But I have experienced very special things about it. Really bizarre. So do me a motorcycle and a lift table

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