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Not only cylinder heads, rocker shafts, flywheels and so on must be fixed with a torque wrench, but also the wheels! How often does that happen? Not so often. We have seen that after changing a flat tire the owners fix the spare tire 'by feeling'. In most cases, that 'feeling' is hard to find and the bolts or nuts are tightened 'kneiterhard', but sometimes even a little more than 'hand-tight'. That is not wise. The thread can 'strip', the wheel can loosen, the studs or bolts can break off spontaneously, because they are at maximum tension. If you do not tighten the wheel, it may become loose. And that always happens when you can't 'use' it ... You can throw away a rim that has been 'loose' on the vehicle for a while because the holes wear out; the studs or bolts also… For your next birthday, Father's Day, wedding day or the birthday of S. ter Klaas, Santa Claus, put it on the wish list and ask for a 'torque wrench'. In your workshop manual you can find how many kilograms (or pounds) the wheel should be secured with…

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