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Whatever the corona jitters do: People are already planning tours. And it is to be hoped that our Great Leaders, whether or not outgoing, will soon allow that kind of 'Spielerei' again.

Planning a tour is fun

But a lot of people just… not start it. Because planning a tour is also a lot of work. And most of the time, that work falls on the shoulders of just a few people.
Due to the introduction of the digital navigation medium and the presence of many route descriptions on the internet, a lot has changed within the classic touring Netherlands. We give some short practical tips.

Determine the environment where the route is driven

Indicate how you provide directions (s) written / GPS. Determine the date of your event, possibly in consultation with tour clubs in the region. This prevents more events from being organized in a small area. We once drove an Elfstedentocht and came across all kinds of things between inline skating riders and classic truck owners. It was busy and cluttered.

Consult last year's national tour calendar regarding trips of larger clubs in the region.

Communication never hurts

For larger events, ensure a good relationship with government agencies, residents and stakeholders in the area. Information in advance of the latter, with information about what is going to happen, can contribute to a smooth course. An invitation to the appropriate authorities (eg the police) and / or persons to 'come by and enjoy' is also recommended. (Think of the local press, which usually welcomes any kind of positive coverage.)

Determine in advance which reminders will be made available and purchase them in time.

The digital guidance

Make sure that the route is digitally available for the common GPS systems (Garmin, TomTom etc). Inform participants to start with full batteries in their GPSs. Also consider the deployment of first aiders, for example. Provide a telephone list with numbers of emergency services, general practitioners and ensure the presence of an approved first-aid kit. Keep in mind that technical support may be required. There are participants who participate in an open-minded ride without having performed preventive maintenance. Let that also be the reason that all participants have the 06 number of the organization.

Turning off and checking the ride

Provide the route planner (s) with the information that the board has stated in the statement, such as the length of the route and in which direction the tour will take place. When the route is set, it is useful to use a dictaphone to record the route in voice and to record details that can be used for the route description. Do not let the route planner (s) check the route themselves, because there is a chance that their own mistakes will be overlooked. Sketch the route on a map so that participants can form a picture of the route.

Driving up: a must

If possible, it is optimal to drive the route again one day before the event or preferably on the day itself in order to be able to adapt any road diversions etc.

On the day itself, make sure that the location is easy to find and place road signs if necessary. Of course, it has already been checked whether there is sufficient parking space.

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Provide sufficient parking space


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  1. Started with car club Bronckhorst last year. The first ride with 10 cars due to the maximum number of people due to corona rules. A tour day is planned for 29 Aug this year. Hengelo gld.
    Hope that there may and can again.

  2. Nice to organize a tour ride. However, who are you doing it for? Start to find a few co-organizers (m / f). You can tour on your own if you have sufficient health and with a loyal four-wheeler.
    A common goal, which is achievable, is a condition. Start with a four-car ride. Then you have already completed the organization. It should be fun for everyone. That is already very difficult to achieve. If it works, try something bigger next time. A combination of cycling and moving by car can also be a good concept

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