The Toyoda AA: The oldest Toyota in the world is in the Louwman Museum.

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Anyone who has visited the Louwman Museum in The Hague has undoubtedly been amazed at the completely unique and exclusive character of the collection. But Louwman's name is of course also associated with Toyota. It is therefore not entirely surprising that a clear link with the Japanese brand is visible in the Dutch classic treasure trove. But as a visitor you will be completely impressed when you come face to face with the oldest Toyota in the world: a Toyoda AA, a unique part of the museum collection for some time now.

This Japanese Pre War Car came into the picture in 2008. It was owned by a Siberian farmer, who used the cart as an agricultural vehicle or support tool for agricultural activities. Heavily modified, the car seemed to wear out for days near Vladivostok. Ronald Kooyman, director of the Louwman Museum, was tipped off by a relationship, and things moved quickly from that moment on. Louwman took over the truly unique and oldest Toyota in the world, after much research, from the great-grandson of the original owner. After a complicated procedure, which was conducted along the path of the Russian bureaucracy, the time had come. After approval of the Russian Minister of Culture, the Toyoda AA was transported to Moscow by train. From there the Toyoda AA was transported by truck to the Netherlands. Seven months after the purchase.

You can't miss him

It is as Toyota says it itself. In the Louwman Museum there are hundreds of jewels, exotics, cars that the greatest of the earth drove into or at least went into. But you should definitely not miss this find. You have to see this. At dusk, a reflection of a distant past. That's how the Toyoda AA is set up. In the state in which the Toyoda was found from 1936, still dating from the time that Toyota was still called Toyoda. Also from the time that many car makers were inspired by American influences. The Toyoda AA has similarities with the Chevrolet Airflow from the 1930s, an episode in which a dynamic design took flight.

Brave harsh conditions

Beautifully drawn, and according to today's Toyota a model of historical ingenuity. From horn to three-wheeled wooden steering wheel, from weight distribution to engine choice, from room creation to the aforementioned design. The Toyoda AA - from 1936 to 1943 - is praised. The six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.300 cc was apparently strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions for decades. The construction of the Toyoda AA is also in a relatively good condition, the oldest Toyota in the world itself is no longer original. The modifications through the 83 years are still united with this unique Japanese old-timer.

Restoration and sale not to be discussed

Restoring? According to an employee in the Louwman Museum this is not going to happen. And that's a good thing too. Years of weather and usage influences give the Toyoda AA the cachet of survivor. And how beautiful it is that Ronald Kooyman committed himself to this absolute rarity, an exotic, representing the origin of what is today one of the world's largest and best car builders. It gives the presence of this Toyoda AA, the really oldest car of Toyota and the legal predecessor in the world, stature. And so much, that the Louwman management has reportedly rejected a million bid from Toyota. So that the manufacturer himself will have to make do with a replica for years to come. This car is so unique.

Read more on the Louwman and Toyota site

You can read more about this unique museum piece on the sites of the Louwman museum en Toyota the Netherlands.

Source: Louwman Museum, Toyota the Netherlands
Edited: Auto Motor Klassiek



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  1. Knowing how much Japanese people care about history, tradition and culture, it is quite cold to turn down an offer from Toyota to buy this car.

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