Trabi kehrt zurück. Rediscovered

Trabant 601L
ER Classics Desktop 2022

The GDR is history, but the Trabants survived. Interest is growing. Certainly in Germany they want to 'mit Abenteuer leben' again and keep the original GDR-Flash on the road. After the fall of the wall, the Trabant was no longer popular and quite a few crossed the border to the Netherlands. Sometimes for an apple and an egg. At the time, people in the GDR preferred to switch to a Western car. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Still, up to 1991, about 3 million left the band. And despite that, there was a very long waiting time for a new Trabant. A Trabant just for the hobby? The GDR citizens could only dream of that. 

Pinnacle of Ostalgie

This Trabant is of the type 601 L with a year of construction of 1988. It came to the Netherlands in 2013 in its original light blue color. The attention for the Ost mobiles is growing. There is even a webpage where Trabant and IFA fans can meet each other digitally. People even deal creatively with the concept. A modern view offers opportunities for an electric version. 

Trabant P 50 (1958)

It all started with the P 50 series. The first type. Cotton and synthetic resin were the basis for the pressed sheet parts that were called Duroplast. Rust on the sheet metal parts was excluded. The second type, the Trabant 600, was put on the market for modern people. For people who saw ahead. At least that was the tenor of the TV commercial at the time. The last type, the 601, is still quite common. The engine from the VW Polo gave it a little more spice. On our quests for classic cars we could touch the GDR history in Akkerwoude. The sticker on the back was clear. The owner will likely have had some negative comments about his property. In case of a personal attack, the following was immediately given: "I don't like your car either."

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Trabant 601L


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  1. Very nice piece about trabant
    The blue one is a hycomat semi automatic, it seems that there are still 2 of them in the Netherlands
    Also have 1 sample version, last piece was written about it
    Very nice 👍

  2. Fantastic bowl, keep it up like this! Duroplast? Yes, does not rust, but it did become overcooked and faded. Exemplary for the DDR system?
    Dolf can write great about her, I will still be a subscriber!

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