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I have been riding 'Russian' motorcycles for almost a quarter of a century. Things are simple, endearing and much less unreliable than everyone thinks.

Since the Internet is there I have also been in contact with people from the former Soviet republics, whom I call 'Russians' for convenience.

The communication goes either in crumbly English, some German or Google Translate. And because it still has a kind of winter Christmas feeling, I would like to share such a translated FB message with you:

What Google Translate makes of it: Winter in Russia

I exploded on the hands and I breathe in the gloves so I could keep my naughty fingers warm. It does not matter that the zasnežennuû way is needed to go ... drive on. The straight arrow went forward and cut through the dark forest. There was a crispy snow in the trees.

I was wearing a helmet and gloves, I pressed the starter motor and the bike came alive, obedient to my iron heart. The mirrors on the handlebars were slightly trembling, and there was a barely visible vibration across the hull.

- a little warm ...
- a few minutes off the engine hardly emitted any steam.
- well, it's all gone ...
- I pressed the gas gently.
- so ... so ... quiet ... linking ... well everything ... let's go.

The engine proskolʹznuv the rear wheel, a little swiveled backwards. I had my feet in balance and before the race.
I have added gas. The bike started to accelerate surprisingly quickly without buksuâ in the snow.

On the road

We were driving! Now the most important thing is to hold the wheel and do everything slowly and neatly. I don't want to lose control and fly to the bushes. I felt a little fresh breeze. No cold, the winter wind, namely a cool breeze.

Somewhere in the depth of the forest, the sound of a working engine was heard, probably there was a tractor. For some reason, I was clearly heard by the woven sound of his engine. There is a cool twist for that.

Passing an osmelev ...

Yes ... have to take it easy ... no matter how you crash on the side, or then you lift a heavy engine. I carefully passed the bend, not to put my feet
- which is good! A yes pretty! - smiling, praising himself.
- skill is not leaves!
By passing the bend and the osmelev, I pulled the pin off gas. Engine stunned.

And we are people! We flew this away! And to hell with the snow! To hell with the cold and the skolʹzâčka! To hell with everything !!! We ran to the wind !!! I running again !!! Roar engine stunned this sleeping, winter with its prâmotokami !!!

And here I got a slap in the side ... the engine went sharp, almost threw me off the saddle ... then I felt another tíček under the ribs ...
- yes, damn good snoring - heard the voice of the woman ...

We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and an excellent 2019!

And Google Translate will probably be fine. Ever. But probably not yet in 2019. And certainly not from Romanian to Dutch. But that is another story. The story of Mihac Cecan.


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  1. Friend Mihai is Moldavian. In our experience, Google Translate has a very difficult time growing from the former CCCP, especially with Romanian. While I think that is a drunken mix of French and Italian. But it is clear that he organizes motorcycle trips on Urals. And Urals and Dneprs are for the thirties “The motorcycles our grandparents and parents rode”. The countryside there is still teeming with old stuff. But apparently a local peasant is working or drunk.

  2. Could it possibly be Slovenian? When I run a few words through Google translate, I get Slovenian as a suggestion, but no translation either. Doesn't seem like Russian… skolʹzâčka

  3. It is almost poetic. But what was the original language? Romanian? That is not at all like Russian, it is a Latin language and not a Slavic language. Romania was never a Soviet Republic either.

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