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About a year ago I met a vague acquaintance. I remembered him as somberly seeking. Towards a relationship. “I thought I should get a dog to meet nice women. Then I looked after their dogs for two weeks during vacation from friends. That beast pissed in the house and killed a cat. ”

“Once when I was talking to you at that old sidecar of yours, a nice lady came up to us. And he just started talking to you. While you are already in a relationship. The lady had to laugh when you said that men your age were safer on three wheels and that you used them to run errands. Whether you had a shopping list? You didn't need that. You looked at what was on offer and you came up with a recipe for it. "Can you cook too?" asked the lady. I didn't know, but apparently you're the cook in the house. The lady looked at the messages. And you have a dog too! I've been looking for someone like that for a long time! ' Damn! I stood there and listened to the conversation and decided to buy a sidecar too. ”

In the meantime, we were more than a year later. I met my old acquaintance at the Yildiz Market which sells the best meat in all of Dieren. The baklavas are also excellent. Eef looked relaxed and happy. We did our shopping and continued talking outside. He had bought a sidecar. “At that guy where you buy your parts. A nice guy! ” Initially, not much had come of a courtship. But sidecar riding had caught him. He had studied the phenomenon, old Russian sidecar combinations and the world around it. "What nice people!" He had met other classic motorcyclists.

And like so many sidecar drivers, he had signed up for the kind of three-wheel rides that are - or "briefly", ridden - with disabled passengers as passengers. And then? Then he was approached by a woman while shopping! The lady was a smooth over-sixties, but still… It was one of the kind he yearned for! And because Eef's desperate hunting mode had faded into the background, it was a pleasant conversation. The lady turned out to have a sister who had dated a motorcyclist in her early days. Her parents disagreed. And dear sister had listened to her parents.

Now sister's birthday was soon. And the speaker thought it would be a nice idea to offer her a ride in a sidecar. A long story short: The appointment was arranged. The little sister who fell more into Eef's age category thought it was a nice gesture. She also turned out to be friendly, fun, pleasant to see and to deal with. And separated.

One thing led to another. And now they were extremely satisfied in the phase that they wanted to perpetuate their LAT relationship in something under one roof. How relaxed Eef had come to be in life became clear from his happy comment: “She still likes riding sidecars. But now I have a civilian team, not an ex-army machine anymore. She doesn't like green. And she has a house with a large garage! And a dog that wags when it sees me. ”

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  1. It can also be different: I married a woman who drives a sidecar herself. Granted, the self-driving didn't come for her until after we got married, but still ..

  2. Dolf have you seen Mediamarkt's new advertisement yet? There your example will be followed and someone will go shopping with his sidecar. Good example to follow, even in the world of advertising.

  3. You have to find a woman who gets into a sidecar during this time with a lantern I'm going to save for a Ferrari California convertible !! age no longer matters

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