Triumph Mayflower

Mr. and his Triumph Mayflower

A beautiful scene in a parking lot of one service area - where fuel can be purchased, a book can be purchased, the toilet can be taken, a snack and a drink can be enjoyed. And also the 'garbage' collected in your car can be disposed of in the designated garbage can - at the Motorway in Great Britain.

A neat, decent old man had called in the help of a mechanic from the Royal Automobile Club, the British Roadside Assistance. On the way there was the dynamo indicator light of his senior citizen Triumph Mayflower first blinked a bit, but the last fifteen miles it was just (...) 'on'. So there is a problem with charging the battery. No, stopping on the escape lane, that didn't seem like a good idea to me with all that speeding traffic. Fortunately, the RAC technician was able to solve the problem immediately. Broken wire. It was only the first time he broke down with his Mayflower with bad luck. He only owned the car (…) 51 for years and always drove it to his complete satisfaction… As a second-hand car at a Triumph dealer purchased.

Photo: Such Triumph Mayflower turns out to be an extremely reliable car. Once in the 51 year of bad luck… 

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