Theo, "Somebody Else" and an old man Triumph Tiger

Triumph Tiger
ER Classics Desktop 2022

Key mate Ernie and I were satisfied at Project 13C and opened a swing-top bottle of Grolsch when Theo and Iemand Anders entered the yard.

Someone else had a problem, explained Theo: “He resigned, bought it there - a thumb gesture to the engine that until recently won all the comparison tests in the world - and has no satisfaction with it. I thought: let him see what you are doing. "

Someone Anders reported that he did not find the adventurous feeling of freedom from his student days on his purchase. We suspected a midlife crisis. But were in a mild mood.

"Come on, let's go to Hans," said Ernie. We set off in a column. At Velperbroek, Theo asked: "Where does Hans live?" "In Amsterdam!" The light turned green. By the way, no idea if Hans was at home.

Hans was at home and left his dusty, but honestly lived through Triumph See Tiger. The thing had a weird high steering wheel and a broken tachometer needle. It was down at the bottom of the counter. The machine was brushed in a cheerful color with sparkling dull black. To be sure, we asked Hans if he still wanted to get rid of that British rabbit. ”He wanted that. He had meanwhile lost his heart to an Italian beauty. And he didn't like motorcycling.

“Go and try him, we are opposite. On the terrace, "waved Hans with a chubby hand gesture. Terraces are great. And waiting is good. Pilsje there. Cheese sausage board and a portion of bitterballen. Fine!

Someone Else stepped on the matte black Free-range, a bit disconcertedtriumph and drove off with a graceful bow. The tram driver will be over the fright by now. About two hours later Someone Else came back reborn. He grinned like a drugged Smurf: “He stopped twice on the way. But I got it working again. ” He took his beer and drank from the bottle. The midlife cruiser turned bad boy again. His whole body was beaming.

"An old motorcycle is much nicer than a new girlfriend," he beamed.

He got a romantic look in his eyes for a week. “Mine has a big butt and can cook well. I never have to put it away. ”Collectively, we filled with so much emotion. Of course we Dutch men also have feelings. We just don't have a clue what to do with it. And our soft side? We use it to sit on.

Someone Else has his Triumphin the meantime you have sprayed the Action with a new jacket and a normal steering wheel, and you have the old-fashioned motor feel again. Has been to the French Ardennes with it. With his love. To a hotel in Rumigny. It was romantic. And on the way there and the way back it only needed to be tinkered twice. Just like in his study time.


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  1. Super nice story, I recognize that, think like so many, I started with motorcycles in 1962, I was away for a few years, but started again 4 years ago with demo races & hope to be able to do it for a while
    It is a lot of fun every race back to the past.
    Have a lot of respect for you, to always come up with new stories.

    • Hr Meijer where do I meet you? Drive yourself at HMV in the 350cc with Jawa 354 from 1959 no 3 Should it still be possible to meet someone with the same deviation?

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