Triumph TR6 from 1974 by Albert. Own style and character.

Triumph TR6 from 1974 by Albert. Own style and character.
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Tradition and 'sportmanship' are two qualities that can be found in English sports cars. Good old Brittain used to produce real sports cars at reasonable prices. Albert is a techie and regularly dives into the garage to tinker, not only to improve the classic, but also to spend the time usefully. And he doesn't stop there, there is indeed driving. Also in the Triumph TR6 from 1974 that shines in this article. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Albert: “In these times when the new cars are too complicated to tinker yourself, it is a pleasure to drive a car with personality. I have next to this Triumph TR6 a rich variety of classics. My first car, a Fiat 127, was preserved. I also have the fate of a long standing still Triumph TR7 and freed her from a 'humiliating' position. Also a Volvo Amazon (especially for rallies) is in my collection. In short, classic driving is more for me than driving around in an old car.” 


About 3000 of different types are still registered in the Netherlands, perhaps not all of them in motion. So there is a good chance that you will still find quite a few on the road on summer days. The club feeling is also strong, it is an important means of pleasant communication with other like-minded people. 

Technically improved

When Albert de Triumph TR6 bought in 2008 it was in excellent condition. Only the technology had to be improved. It has become a reliable and pleasant driving car. When the weather is nice, he can enjoy the open drive. His eyes then gleam like the lacquer of his pale yellow beauty. We understand that, there's nothing like a classic, right? What do you think?

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  1. Nice to see an enthusiast like Albert. He and many in the Netherlands keep the rolling heritage going as long as it is still allowed. Because we like-minded people want to drive our cars that used to end up at the scrapyard, the next electric generation will find out that this is the ultimate driving, as well as very sustainable. Because making new electric cars produces a lot of COXNUMX emissions. I wish every Oldtimer driver a good weekend.

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