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We found this TVR Grantura at the home of alignment specialist Lammert van der Meulen, who was busy optimally adjusting the fast poison frog for a race at Silverstone. We cast admiring glances over the bodywork, looking eagerly at a sports car with a past full of exciting adventures.

For Raymond, fast motorsport is the perfect outlet to occasionally escape from the spectacle society and gain new energy. He and his racing friends regularly travel through Europe to participate in races in Germany, Belgium and France.

TVR Grantura

It's hard to believe, but Raymond found the TVR Grantura in a neglected state, hidden under an inch-thick layer of dust that completely obscured the color. There was also collision damage, which was also the reason for a standstill of no less than 30 years! Repairing glass fiber reinforced plastic is no easy task, but the job was completed with the necessary decisiveness and craftsmanship. It was of course given the color of a frog, also a tribute to the fact that it was a pure British winner.

Country colors

At the beginning of the last century, colors were established for international races: Italy was red, France blue and England green. (So ​​if a green racing car crossed the finish line first, it was English.) And that is exactly what Raymond and his co-driver Kees want: to be first.

What makes you happy?

Raymond: “For me that is mainly the fun, every race is an outing. There is a fantastic atmosphere on the circuit between the teams, but also within our group of friends. My TVR is simply a great car, very light and with a powerful engine that reaches a top speed of 180 km/h. You put on the racing monster like a coat, and it makes me very happy.”

TVR Club Holland

There is a club of enthusiastic enthusiasts with a shared passion for the idiosyncratic TVR brand; every member has their own reason for driving a TVR. It could be because of the styling, but also because of the raw power and the great sound, or just for fun touring. It is clear where Raymond's passion comes from!


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  1. I definitely want to read the story of this beautiful and special TVR Granrura in its entirety. The original badge on the hood is also very nice.
    So off to the store!

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