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Twilight zone: The Citr

Twilight zone: The Citr
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We have recently moved into the classic twilight zone with modified or self-built machines. These are usually not sawn-up masterpieces, but honest pieces of craftsmanship from the past when motorcycles were not yet widely used lifestyle toys.

Recently a copy like this came into the picture

That twin was sold about fifteen years ago. And after the sale, the ex-owner had regretted the sale for just as many years. The machine was later put up for sale again, but then the pricing was so positive that the buy back was abandoned. And again later the boxer bastard was for sale again. But for a more realistic price.

So that was a foregone conclusion.

An e-mail, a telephone conversation… And the matter was settled.

The Citr is a Dnepr with a 2CV heart. That modification has been done more often, also with DAF blocks. In terms of power input, such a 2CV (or DAF) block fits much better with a Ural or Dnepr than the upgrade with a BMW block. Those BMW blocks are more expensive and soon too powerful for the ex-Eastern Bloc transmission chain. The installation of a Duck Block does require some work. For example, the lower frame of the Ukrainian powerhouse has to be widened and provided with mounting points. A transition must also be made between the 2CV power source and the gearbox. The 'matching' of the coupling elements is also a thing.

To this end, the Dnepr coupling got the heart of a duck coupling

The Citr was upgraded with a BMW /5 front fork and drum brake. The HoH dimensions of the front fork are identical. Only the top T-piece of the front fork needs to be hugged with the cutter. But then you have something.

Somewhere in the front there is a solid imbalance in the (BMW) wheel

And the front fork will improve a lot from a rinse and a few sips of fresh oil. But once those things have been resolved, the Citr's front end should once again set the example of exemplification for the rest of the engine.

The end result

What that is, then, is an extremely nostalgic two-wheeler that is 100% dated and that almost hangs through its axles from the patina. It has nothing to do with factory originality anymore. It will also never be the model motorcycle for BMW drivers and fanatical ANWB members. No matter how many yellow vests the happy owner might wear. But with the 650 French ceecees, the boxer is suitable for lazily strolling on secondary and tertiary roads. In the megaton mufflers are DB Killers, so the engine sounds like a somewhat angry Ugly Duck. The Citr has undergone some modifications over the past 15 years. Over the next fifteen years, some further modifications are planned. But one thing is clear and certain: The Citr will never leave. If you still have such a craft in the shed, you can report…. Because pure authentic or restored classics are of course fantastic. But these kinds of burps from the past are overwhelmingly endearing.

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Twilight zone: The Citr


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  1. Cool project!!
    And how does something like this drive? So I honestly wonder. That Citroën block is made for forced cooling. Does the block, but also the oil cooler, get enough cooling?

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