UAZ 452: The Bread

UAZ 452
ER Classics Desktop 2022

Some classics unexpectedly fall into place. The van on the cover of a book was one of them: the UAZ 452. But first there was a meeting.

A chance encounter

There was something about an oil additive / friction reducer that we had to try. Now there are dozens of such products. Some of them do something based on an understandable explanation. And we remember a product that would come from the former CCCP that would work wonders even at the atomic level.

No panacea

Call it a lack of faith, but we do not believe in miracles quickly. The story of the Yellow Miracle Oil, however, came from an inventor from the agricultural sector. And although many farmers do pray sincerely, you should not come to them with miracle stories.

With rapeseed

On the other hand: the addition consists partly of specially treated rapeseed. So it's kind of almost close to organic. In addition, it extends the oil change intervals. And the stuff is 'Made in Holland'. Furthermore, inventor Willibrordus van der Weide turned out to be a Frisian. And Frisians are not known for their empty chatter. So there was a dose of Yellow Miracle Oil in two classics. After that, some test kilometers had to be made. A weekend on the Zeeland coast was not an option. The coast was full.

Classics and dogs are welcome

But right next to Willibrordus 'homelands' we found an excellent destination and shelter: Hotel Landgoed Ekenstein in Appingedam in Groningen turned out to be a golden choice. The Yellow Miracle Oil had time to do its thing. And we had a perfect weekend. Including some books to read in the shade. One of those books was 'Van Baku tot Batumi' by Jelle Brandt Cortius

The book with the UAZ on the cover

JBC traveled around the Caucasus with that 'sandwich' where tribes fight each other and women are robbed. The book is an absolute must. But we go back to the van on the book cover. The UAZ - or OeAZ 452

Uaz 452

UAZ comes from: "Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod" (Ulyanovsk Automobile Factory) which was founded in 1941 for the Soviet army. The OeAZ 452 (Russian УАЗ 452) is an 4WD van that has been built since 1965. The local pet name for the car is 'boekhanka' (An uncut bread or 'sandwich'). In the pickup version, the Russians call him 'the tadpole'. The basis is formed by a chassis that is derived from the GAZ-69 SUV (1953-1972). On top of that is an endearingly dull-looking body, which since its introduction in 1965 only got differently colored directional slides and mirrors, but has remained virtually unchanged until today.

It is a typical ex-CCCP construction

The UAZ is not beautiful, but simple, robust and slow. And no terrain is too heavy for him. As is often the case with Russian cars, the design has its origins in the United States, in the Jeep Forward Control.

That van on Jeep chassis from 1956 would have been the inspiration for the UAZ-450 and later for the 452. In 1965 the van started with an 2,4 liter four-cylinder engine that was suitable for running on 76 octane gasoline. Behind that 70 hp-supplying block was a four-bin. The UAZ was equipped with a switchable 4WD, not awkward in 'Rugged Russia'.

Now available

That is only possible in countries from the old USSR: A vehicle from the sixties kept building virtually unchanged until 2019. And in any case there was a Dutch importer in 2018 who could still deliver freshly baked rolls from the age of twenty. We found used Sandwiches online from around two thousand euros. (The cheapest ones are the farthest away.)

UAZ 452

UAZ 452
The 2018 model.


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  1. I wonder if that Yellow happen, even though it would reduce friction and save fuel, could not cause other mechanical problems. I am referring to the engines of certain series of BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ford USA and Jaguar 1997/2003 and thought that Mercedes also used those engines with Nikasil cylinder buses. In the USA these engines were bothered by crashes because the Nikasil was eaten by the high sulfur content in the gasoline there. what does the yellow miracle do on these cylinder liners? trying is fun, but can end in the end badly.

  2. That's the great thing about a big country like Russia. No human has any basic overview of the many mechanical driving / flying / sailing mobiles scattered left and right across the land, about to withdraw from human consciousness.

  3. Totally agree Pierik.
    Being green starts with saving. Would be nice if the Goldwing would run instead of 1:15 >>> 1:16. Is such a good 6%.

    • The test goes on bravely. The stuff is a friction reducer with cleaning components, no panacea or cure for worn blocks. The name Yellow Miracle oil seems to have been chosen with a smile. The intermediate score so far: In an Alfa 164, a BX and an Ural sidecar combination: Runs better. Still no clear picture in terms of fuel consumption. Trend is positive. BX consumption is now around 1 on 15. Not really measured before. Ural: block runs nicer. The characteristic howling of the block is reduced

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