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Ultrasonic for everyone?

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We see them nowadays at the ALDI, the Lidl and the Action: ultrasonic cleaners. And then you come to the question: "Is it useful to me?"

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that can be a jewel in the workplace. Just like a sink, a lift, a welding station. You name it. And those ultrasonic baths have now come from the priceless professional corner and are also available to us.

But is a budget solution a good solution? It is all about the baking sizes. Because an object immersed in an ultrasonic bath must be able to 'be completely submerged in water'.

There are different brands of ultrasonic cleaners on the market, each with its own specifications and benefits. The cleaning power of an ultrasonic cleaner is determined by, among other things, the ultrasonic power and the ultrasonic frequency. The higher the ultrasonic power and the lower the frequency, the more cleaning power. An ultrasonic bath with a low power and a high frequency can give an excellent cleaning result, but the cleaning time is longer.

The choice of the right ultrasonic cleaner is primarily determined by the dimensions of the object to be cleaned. Be sure to choose a large enough ultrasonic cleaner. You must take into account the space that the basket occupies and that the 2 / 3 ultrasonic cleaner must be filled with an ultrasonic water-based liquid. Of course, a part can be cleaned in two dips if it is too high for the bath. Keep in mind that there is a line with color difference.

With continuous or daily intensive use, we recommend a cleaning bath such as that of Sonorex or Elmasonic. These cleaners have a continuous mode and are better suited for intensive use. We are talking about intensive use with daily use more than 3 hours a day.

The 3 hour mentioned is only an indication and depends on the cleaning fluid used and the maintenance of the ultrasonic cleaner. For non-continuous use and daily use less than 3 hours per day, the ultrasonic cleaners from for example Genetalsonic, Qteck and Eumax are perfectly suitable. For simple cleanings where cleaning time and warm-up time is not important, you can opt for the cheaper ultrasonic brands such as VGT, Jeken and Codyson.

When making a choice for a digital or mechanical control, you must know that a mechanical control is less accurate than a digital control. On the other hand, machines with mechanical operation are less susceptible to malfunctions.

Consider amounts between 400-1000 euros for a device with a container capacity of approx. 30-240-150 mm and remember that the net size is less. Because an object to be cleaned is only really clean when it is placed on an insert screen. Direct ground contact between object and machine is also bad for the device itself.


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