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The unique 911 S 2.2 from Ferry Porsche

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Porsches always appeal to the imagination, and that of course not least applies to the members of the Porsche family. For example Ferry Porsche bought the 911 S 2.2 on this page. A car with special specifications, because like various other members of the Porsche family Ferry had the habit of having his cars decorated with parts that had not yet reached the production stage. Or things that were simply not offered on the standard models.

With the exception of the license plates, this 911 S 2.2 is completely original. It is not known why Ferry Porsche chose the SM 2000 license plate number when he registered the car on 30 July 1969. The chassis number 911 0300014 shows that it is the 14e 911 with the new 2,2-liter engine, which rolled off the tire just before the factory went on summer vacation. Customers could experience the new version with 180 pk boxer engine only after the summer.

One of the first 911 S 2.2 copies

The Porsche racing team reserved the cars with chassis number 01 up to and including 03 for participation in the Acropolis rally. It means that this was one of the first ten copies of the 911 S 2.2 that were delivered. It is probably even one of the oldest 911s with an 2,2-liter engine that still exists.

Unique adjustments

Ferry Porsche had a number of unique adjustments made to the car. For example, the rosettes on the front bumper are missing, which in his opinion were marred. Upon closer inspection, the hood appears to be made of aluminum. In combination with the air conditioning that is underneath, this is very unusual. The engine also comes with surprises. For example, the injection system has parts of the Carrera 6. However, when these components are mounted is not clear.

The interior: without a doubt original

The interior is without a doubt 100 percent original. The seats are upholstered in a combination of fabric and alinine leather. This durable, smooth artificial leather is widely used by furniture makers. At the time these were expensive materials, but the investment paid off: the interior shows no signs of aging. Also the electric window control, the electric sliding roof and the Blaupunkt radio still work flawlessly.

After first sale for a long time in French possession

With 21.113 kilometers on the clock, the car was sold on December 6 1971 to Guy Jean Dubois, a fish seller from Strasbourg. Dubois' son worked as a technician at the Porsche factory. He had brought his father into contact with Ferry Porsche. 33 years later, the Dubois family still owned the car and parked it at the cottage in Sainte-Maxime, on the bay of Saint-Tropez.

Pebble Beach

The car was offered for sale in 2004 and soon found a new owner. This moment in the spotlight was enough to attract the attention of collector Michael Heinemann. Heinemann had known about the existence of the car for a long time, but had never been able to find out where it had gone. After his discovery, he asked a friend from France to write to the new owner and convince them to sell the car to Heinemann. The negotiations lasted almost a year. In 2009 both men met in Biarritz. The 911 was in 2013 at the Pebble Beach concours d'élégance and is still in absolute new condition.

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