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From 25 to 27 October, the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden is hosting the fifth edition of CLASSICSNL. The exhibition - which opened its doors for the first time in 2015 under the direction of Pieter Fokkema - is characterized from that moment by appearance and allure. Fokkema - and later Femke Beekink - worked carefully on that image. The organization - this year under the leadership of Gerda Brouwer - is ready for edition five. “A new look that matches the plans and with a clear message. We want to become the largest car show in the Northern Netherlands. "

This ambition is developed from the basic values ​​that have already been visible over the past four years: classics from good to competition. There are classics of various backgrounds, in different price ranges, in original top condition or in meticulously restored condition. Both for sale and exhibition piece. Professional classic companies, brand clubs, associations and collectors will - as usual - exhibit a special range. Various stands with parts, restoration companies, financial services, valuations, car cosmetics and maintenance and insurance will also be present in Leeuwarden.

70 year VW with special surprises

The organization announces three themes: 70 year Volkswagen, Great Britain and The Fifties. The 70 anniversary of Volkswagen promises to be a very special theme. With the cooperation of Wagenfolks from Drachten, the organization, we now know, will provide a few enormous surprises, which will be central to a number of important models from VW's history. The second theme is "Great Britain". The hospitality pavilion is British, and around it the English classics can be seen. The emphasis of this theme is on the seventies, sixties and fifties.

Back to the Fifties

Talk about The Fifties. That is the third theme this year during CLASSICSNL. A large pavilion will be set up where various models from the 50 years will be exhibited. There is plenty of attention for the history of these revolutionary cars, which are exhibited by several parties. Without a past there is no future, also in the distant future, because this year the organization will come up with something new: the kids square. The youngest car drivers can now get their driver's license in a BMW, Mercedes-Benz or a VW T1 Bus.


A fixed value has now become the auction of classic cars. Auction Online Auctionmaster from Groningen will bring a number of classics in (at least) a good condition under the hammer. The Groningen auction house returns to Leeuwarden after three years, and offers 36 classics. You can now online and make an offer already. The viewing days are on 25 October (12.00 hour to 20.00 hour), 26 October (10: 00 hour to 17.00 hour) and 27 October (10: 00 hour-14.30 hour).

Promising. Do not miss it!

This year too, CLASSICSNL is promising, and the announcements promise a fair while retaining the core values ​​in a new jacket. As a classic fan, you should definitely not miss it. The last four years have shown that, and the promised new look and feel of the fair will spark your curiosity and make your visit worthwhile. You are of course also very welcome at the stand of Auto Motor Klassiek (booth number 3019). Then pay a visit to at booth 3020 and be advised on the options for insuring your classic or your customized collection.

More information

You will find more information about opening times, prices and accessibility on the website CLASSICSNL. Order tickets in advance? Then go to the online ticket sales page from CLASSICSNL and order your tickets with a discount.

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  1. betr.Classics NL 25-27 Leeuwarden,
    in the 70s even a VW T2 bus to camper with a Ford 2,3 ltr. Converted V6 and with a caravan behind it traveled around half of Europe with great pleasure, later I heard that this was already used in South Africa, I still have pictures and conversion drawings of it.

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