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Really Fast Riders and Joe Bar

Coming good weather the weekend. And then all types of motorcyclists are back on track.

Including the Real Fast Riders. And they are quite annoying. We usually find them on our favorite roads, the secondary roads or on the highway between Arnhem and Oberhausen. On roads that are just a little too winding for them. On Dutch dikes, in the Ardennes. They also find secondary roads above Dokkum challenging.

Recognize the danger

The Really Fast Rider is multicolor dressed in a suit that consists of 90% from Kevlar and for the other 90% from CE approved protectors. He sits on his motorcycle like my dog ​​when it is pooping and has a hump standing.

A strange people

His short existence is proof that the circuit characteristics of his steed are not compatible with the public highway and that people can greatly overestimate their driving qualities. They often have helmet cameras to film their last moments. Tends to fall when making stoppies and lose control when making wheelies. If that happens for a terrace, it is extra embarrassing.

Recognize the species

Consult the Joe Bar Team books for this. The main characters in it are very stupid but very innocent. And almost nobody knows the French word joke in the local bargoens: A 'job art' is a loser. The club members of the Joe Bar team also have funny names:

Joe, bar boss. Does not really belong to the club but can be seen a few times on a Moto Guzzi.

Edouard Bracame. (Arbre à cames: camshaft) Drives a Honda CB750 and since the second album a Honda CB 1000 Big One

Guido Brasletti. Italian-like for 'guidon bracelet' 'Clip us'. Guido had a Ducati 750 Sport and later a Ducati 900SS

Jean-Raoul Ducable. Word joke like: "J'enroule du cable" (I roll up the cable) A way to say "I gas". Jean Raoul first rode Kawasaki 750 H2 and since the second album a Suzuki GSX-R 750

Jean Manchzeck. (“J'emmanche sec” “I like them raw”) First on a Norton Commando 850 then with a Triumph Daytona 900.

Paul Posichon. (That is messy for pole position) On a Yamaha XT600.

Pierre Leghnome. (Leghnome: the gnome. In connection with his immense V-Max (and his own format) V-Max)

Jérémie Lapurée. "J'ai remis la purée" "I left full again", la purée is a metaphor for strength. He rides a Harley-Davidson XL883R Sportrack.

So the Really Fast Rider ...

What to do during the confrontation: slow down speed. Give him the space. The low flyer flashes past and disappears flapping from the bend. But that's for you. So harmless.

In most European countries, 112 is the number with which you can reach ambulance services directly. Do that too. They can often be saved. Ask him - if approachable - for the telephone number of his close family, friends or acquaintances.

But now seriously ...

Fantastic Easter days are coming. All brain dead The Netherlands will get into the car in the next few days. And cars are much more dangerous than testosterone + crack noses. At best, those cars are in traffic for hours in Zandvoort or Keukenhof. Be careful when driving through those traffic jams. Stuff is thrown out of windows. A door is opened to allow a child to pee between the cars.

But they also stroll on the secondary roads in beautiful Gelderland and Drenthe. They often drive a little too slowly there. Their traffic behavior is completely unimaginable. And it was bad luck for Wendy Heward that she had started the rush. On the bike, a modern bike, but still ... "Really not seen" and now in the hospital.

A message on FB Wendy Heward is certainly appreciated

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  1. Hey Dolf and other classic motor fans,

    Nice story and Joe Bar is Bargoed :-).

    Took a nice tour last night with very little traffic in Limboland. If there is an "important" sports match, it is also good to relax on the then quiet roads.

  2. What a wonderfully humorous and realistic article again !!

    Enjoy and laugh often about your articles and comments. Almost every day.

    Thanks, and especially go through best scribers, editors and founders of AutoMotor.

    Best regards,


    • Thank you for your positive feedback. The benefit is that we are not part of a large publishing group full of managers. We are just - and without managerial remuneration - busy with what we like and like to share

  3. Awesome! All together again a round on the Posbank, between all racing cyclists, hikers, mountain bikers and convertible drivers ...
    Delicious in polonaise in keutelvaart over the Veluwe driving away the Easter weekend, doesn't that make a person happy?

    • Hi Pascal, Of course anything is better than a trip to the furniture store. But you're right. We just avoided the crowds. Because everyone drives the same routes en masse. And if you deviate from that, then there is peace. Also during the Easter weekend. Nicely sent in the Achterhoek. We briefly crossed the border and later visited the flea market of the Velper Table Tennis Association in the evening, got some Chinese at 'My Friend'. Italian ice cream scored at ice cream parlor Udine here in Dieren. And at the ice cream parlor it was still the busiest 🙂 And now it's almost the weekend!

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