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Recently we had some reflections from when Harley-Davidsons weren't midlife cruisers. Now the men are going for 'Born to be mild'. Back then it was still 'wild'. The story is true. The names have only changed briefly: And of course we came up with a place like Utreg ourselves.

Leddy was blessed with a bizarre sense of humor

He was also the kind of Harley rider that makes them very restless nights at The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company Benelux. The kind of Harley-Davidson rider that the illustrious factory hasn't - repeat, DO NOT - want to be associated with for decades.

His unique sense of humor kept him looking somewhat damaged at six feet and one hundred and fifty pounds. At a local catering company, the Cockroach, where the white foamy beer was absorbed as greedily as the white powder that does such miraculous things with nasal septum, Leddy kicked open the door of the men's toilets with the rallying cry “NARCOTICABRIGADE!”.

The bewildered user who had sniffed not only his portion of sugar powder, but also his razor blade and pocket mirror, clapped in the assertive stress that is so characteristic of coke users.

The neutral looking brothers drained the tough 150 pounds of bone and blood. There was a happy chuckle from behind the bloodied bandages. Leddy had had them nice again! His erroneous comments also led to structurally less aggressive environments in bewilderment and aggression.

When his Lief gave birth, Leddy, who was always interested in technology and women, stood there with his nose on top when the midwife took a needle and thread to stitch his cut Lief. He looked at the short-cropped, compact maternity lady with joyful open-mindedness. He took a deep breath and said happily: "Just do two extra stitches, that's nice and tight". The maternity lady was one of the assertive kind. She flew at him. Leddy didn't let women beat him up and hit back. The maternity lady stabbed him in the eye with two fingers and gave him an FC Utrecht knee. The ambulance had to come. For the proud father.

But Leddy's absolute highlight was the move when he and a buddy were chased by the police. At Lunetten, the two chemically intoxicated mischievous boys were zigzagging on their way very quickly and noisily. "Loud pipes save lives." Also at half past two in the morning. As the police car came alongside on the right, Leddy immediately pushed him onto the emergency lane. When the officers got out of their car, Leddy ran to meet them. He screamed, “You must get him! He killed my sister! ”

Then he fell over the cop sobbing. Because a woman. So pleasant to embrace. The police gave a general alarm. And even a very tough criminal Biker has no clear defense against an arrest team that tumbles out of a dark blue Volvo on all sides.

Much targeted, but meaningful violence followed. Leddy's mate was captivated when Houdini stuffed into the Volvo. His pride, his kicked-out Harley, was abandoned and later thrown onto a truck by uninterested salespeople. In the meantime, Leddy had the fun of his life. Because how cool he had everyone again!

Because we are among civilized people, I do not tell how his mate completed the story. But Leddy went in an ambulance to the Medical Center Utrecht.

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  1. Because we are among civilized people, I do not tell how his mate completed the story. But Leddy went in an ambulance to the Medical Center Utrecht.

    Great, how I laughed at this sentence 🙂

  2. I don't know Leddy, but given the fuel cap I hope he doesn't ever have to make an emergency stop ... then he will sing a little higher ... ...
    By the way, another nice article Dolf… .your articles are highly appreciated….

    • Day Piet. It's funny to share nearly 50 years of motorcycling. But the world has changed. Not long ago I was hired as a rider on an Adventure Motorcycle Trip. All men on ZGAN GSSen. And there they started complaining that lunch was too late. And the adventurers drank Spa and they were in their baskets at ten o'clock.

    • Every motorcycle ride has its story. Tomorrow we will make history again. And buddy of mine exchanged his fat HD for an English tiger after an open heart operation. M curious . After 38 years on the bike, it has never been boring.

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