Holidays. Like it was

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Holidays. Like it was

A gravy pan full of meatballs under the passenger seat.

The foot space between the backrests and the rear seat is so packed with stuff that there was a kind of flat floor between the backrests.

“Alpenkeuzer” folding trailers that were so challenging for an 1200 cc Beetle that mother and two children had to get out to help the amorous combination hit the slope.

By the way, more was loaded that way because people thought that Max. Load capacity was just someone.

Boiling engines and overheated brakes. It takes a full day to reach Liège. And almost need another day to get out of Liège again. The first 1.0 files. Motorcyclists who just enjoyed it instead of having, according to Het Grote Veiligheidrenken Friet, fiddled with old newspapers.

Holidays. Like it was
Dutch tourists screaming with laughter gave the working students / guides in the Luxembourg underground fortifications 1 Dutch cents or a button as a tip.


And olive oil? That gave you a stomachache. A campsite in Luxembourg that had won a lot of praise in the Margriet or Libelle was so full of Margriet and / or Libelle-reading families that the guy lines of the neighbors' tent were almost in your own tent.

And Dutch cleanliness apparently only applied to 'Eigen Stoep First', because the toilets were shitty. Up to the sinks.

Waving exuberantly when you spot a car with Dutch license plates in France.

Set up the heavy-duty cotton tent and experience that the most traditional craftsmanship turned out not to be watertight with the first best shower. The learning moment during the same cloudburst: In strange areas, never set up your tent in a hollow in the grounds or along a friendly rippling stream.

The beaches that were often overcrowded back then. The heat. The sunburn. Exchange money, convert with each purchase how much the purchase in guilders cost. The joy or anger after that calculation.

Dutch people who were almost skewed at the end of their holidays because they had stowed in those side pockets of their long shorts for two weeks like those difficult coins because they were always paying with paper because it was so difficult to do with that change ...

In the past not everything was better. It was different ...


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  1. I think back to that time with sadness, too bad that
    “Strange money” is no longer there. Found such a wallet with
    always give foreign money an extra touch to those 14 days
    in France, Belgium and / or Spain.
    And wave to other Dutch people in the back of father's beetle ...

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