Van Veen Kreidler of Geart. A piece of art 

Van Veen Kreidler
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This dream of every motorcycle enthusiast is a showpiece in Geart's room. Who doesn't know the story of a great man (Henk van Veen) behind that little Kreidler machine, who worked together with a great team that produced great success in the racing world? Awards for the constructors and for the most successful driver Jan de Vries? This unique 50cc Kreidler racer has the name of technician Jaap Voskamp engraved with the number 009.

By: Dirk de Jong

Martin Koelemeij has written a wonderfully nostalgic book with unique images about this magical machine. A combination of technical facts, racing and stories of drivers / owners. Geart's 'work of art' is part of this tremendously rich history. Especially when you read the interview with Henk van Veen, the importer of Kreidler, and of course attention to the great world champion from Kreidler history.

Who is Geart?

In the motorcycle world, Geart is well-known for his amazing skills to recreate famous racing motorcycles as a hobby. The inspiration to build it himself lay in his youth. Fascinated by the speed of the engines, he decided to build his own. They all became lookalike bikes that are indistinguishable from the real thing. The motorcycle world has been impressed by its performance for years. The local press, but also the trade magazines have paid the necessary attention to this technically gifted engine builder.


This 50cc Van Veen Kreidler has not been rebuilt, but completely original and purchased by Geart because this was his great wish. That wish only became reality for him as a 70-year-old. Understandably, he has no plans to race it. His possession is a tribute to the importer Van Veen and to all those drivers and employees of the team that successfully put Kreidler on the market. The book 'Kreidler in the Netherlands' keeps the brand alive and the original Van Veen Kreidler with start number 6 and inscription number 009 by technician Jaap Voskamp makes it unique, exclusive and valuable. That Geart is super proud of his 'work of art' is actually an understatement.

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  1. There are still many driving Kreidlers (with registration) in moped country NL, in all shapes and sizes. So much so that there are different groups for this brand on facebook: the general, the red, the green, the orange, the yellow and the specials group for example. In the general group and the green group I have placed 4 photos of the Van Veen racer above (with some text and the name AutoMotor-classic mentioned). The number of responses was / is quite large!

  2. Amazingly beautiful! In my internship year at HTS Autotechniek, one of my internships was at the TNO vehicle lab. All kinds of very nice things there, but since they also had a complete test stand for motorcycles for all kinds of purposes, there was also a van Veen racer. Mechanic working inside, seriously screaming a lot of revolutions (no hearing protection seen) and I was asked to give him a little bit of tools. So I open the door and go in, but immediately didn't know who / what / where etc. WHAT A NOISE, unbelievable :-))
    But what a grandiose machines with around 20 hp, what a technique, really fabulously beautiful!

  3. fantastic story with beautiful photos, from 1973 -'79 I was part of the Van Veen Kreidler and OCR1000 team, a lot of information and details about this can be found on the site Kreidler Database (by Louis Doerr), which can be searched from two sides everything about Kreidler incl. Racing and also the shaky motorcycle Van Veen OCR1000, have fun.

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